Honeywell 8" Tabletop Air Circulator Fan (HT-900C)


  • Good value

    from Toronto on 7 juillet 2019

    Moves more air then expected given the size. We found it to be quiet enough to use in the bedroom while sleeping.

  • Doe not last very long..

    from East York ON on 3 juillet 2019

    I have bought 2 of these in a row ( elsewhere) 1st one lasted 9 mths., 2nd one about the same . Also is not really a " turbo fan" Standard fans on a stand gave 3 x the power. Would not recommend.

  • Broken out of the box X2

    from Calgary on 1 juillet 2019

    This fan stopped working withing 5 minutes of plugging it in, so I took it back and got it exchanged and the second one did not even turn on

  • Great Little Fan

    from Sarnia ON on 21 juin 2019

    Such a nice fan both in size and the price. On sale of course made it even better but it would have been worth paying full price as it does a nice job in cooling things down. Small enough to take it with you on your travels or perfect when stuck in a stuffy hospital.

  • A very good little fan, buttttttt....

    from Peterborough, ON on 6 juin 2019

    It does just what it's supposed to do, and I found it very quiet. However, and this is my fault for not looking more closely at it, looking at the picture, I assumed it would point down, as well. It doesn't. I can still use it somewhere else, but will have to look for another that pivots down, as well. Otherwise, a very good little fan... :)

  • Best Small Fanny Around

    from Markham, ON on 31 mai 2018

    It's very quiet for a fan. The high low and medium fan settings don't vary much in overall speed, but this isn't a knock - it's actually not a horrible issue. The low setting is clearly the quietest. It should be fine sleeping with it on to keep the airflow circulating. If I ever need another fan, I will buy this one. I considered mounting it, but I have a feeling there will be some vibrating noise, BUT I am still considering it. It works. It's worth the money.

  • Honeywell HT-900

    from Laval, QC on 3 janvier 2018

    We use 4 of this fans continuously to move cold air from the floor to the ceiling for a year now. Their are very quiet at low speed. We order another 4 spares now.

  • Just Perfect

    from Nanaimo, BC on 31 juillet 2017

    Quiet, Cheap, 3 simple controls. Just too good

  • Really quiet!

    from Vancouver, BC on 16 août 2016

    I bought this for my desk at work in an office, and it gives great air! It's lovely how quiet it is on the lowest setting. I'm in a cooled building, but it's not cooled much and it's extremely hot where I sit. The lowest setting of this fan is all that I need to keep me happy. The highest setting is still pretty quiet for this type of fan. Solid purchase.

  • Very good product

    from Winnipeg, MB on 5 juillet 2016

    Very good product,strong wind power, low noisy sound. I love it!