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Enjoy personal cooling with a table fan

What is a table fan?

Otherwise known as a desk fan, a table fan is designed to sit on a desk, table, shelf, or other flat surface and provide personal cooling, or cooling in a small area. They can usually provide a lot of power in a small space, and are portable and convenient so you can use them at home, at the office, and bring them with you on the go.

They typically use a single phase induction motor, and, like any other fan, enhance the evaporation of sweat so that your body begins to feel cooler.

Different Types of Table Fans

Table fans come in lots of different shapes in sizes, though they are usually circular, or tall rectangles. They can be as small as 4” tall, or as large as 16” for cooling a larger space or for use on a larger desk or tabletop. Colours range from basics like black, white, and silver, to two-toned colours, with different-colour spinning blades, or bolder options like red, pink, or vintage green.

They can be powered by plugging into an outlet or via USB or batteries. Some are bladeless, using air multiplier technology that provides air through a ring-like hollow instead of using visible blades.

There are floor fans designed for specific purposes as well, like ones with clamps for securing to a stroller to keep a baby or toddler cool, or others with clips so you can clip them to side of a desk or other item or surface, like a lawn chair, to direct the air exactly where you want it.

What features should you look for in a table fan?

Find the right size of table top fan to ensure it will effectively cool you or the area, and that it will fit nicely on the table, shelf, or other spot where you plan to keep it. You also want one that will match your décor, so consider the colour and design options, from basic ones that will blend in, to bold and modern or retro desk fans that will stand out.

Look at the motor as well to ensure it has enough power. The best desk fans have different speeds which can come in handy so they don’t blow too much air when you don’t need it, or conversely, too little air to keep you properly cool. Adjustable heads are great for keeping the air directed where you want it, too.

Some come with remotes for easy control from afar. If you want to use it in a car, you might want to opt for a USB-powered one, or one that uses batteries versus one that plugs into a power outlet.

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