Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


  • Switch Pro Controller

    from Vancouver, BC on 5 mai 2019

    Functional with a nice sturdy feeling

  • One of the better controller.

    from North Saanich, BC on 13 janvier 2019

    Controller feels really good. One of the better controller I have used. If you have a nintendo switch, this controller is recommended.

  • Complete garbage

    from Toronto, ON on 28 décembre 2018

    Purchased my switch controller, during the hectic climax of boxing day, to only get home and find out this pro-controller doesnt work correctly. Took it to Best Buy, they said they couldn't do anything about it, now trying to buy a new one on the website, and its all SOLD OUT. This is a complete scam! Just take advantage of people and their gaming experience... Nintendo shoulw look for other distributors bc Best Buy right now SUUUUCKS!! Thank you for ruining my Christmas and New Years....

  • price

    from Toronto, ON on 20 décembre 2018

    why the hell does this cost more than a game

  • Best way to play on nintendo switch

    from Richmond, BC on 2 décembre 2018

    the controller feels great in your hands, the d-pad is excellent for 2d games, and the control sticks feel amazing. Definitely, the best way to play on the Nintendo switch

  • Not for small hands

    from Orillia, ON on 1 février 2018

    I like the controller, but I cannot use it because the control sticks sit so high that i cant get my thumb to reach in all directions on the left... it is very uncomfortable to use.

  • god

    from Toronto, ON on 19 décembre 2017


  • Faulty D pad

    from Vancouver, BC on 3 juillet 2017

    D pad is faulty, triggers the wrong direction when pressed rapidly. Very common issue.

  • great for the more serious gamer

    from Whitby, ON on 16 mai 2017

    Great for the switch user on Mario Kart 8 who is more serious about winning.

  • Responsive and great battery life

    from Fruitvale on 6 mai 2017

    So far I enjoy this controller playing Zelda and Mario Kart. Great battery life and fairly quick charge time. Feels good and sturdy