Sony XG500 Splashproof Bluetooth Portable Party Speaker - Black

Model Number: SRS-XG500
Web Code: 15480771

Sony XG500 Splashproof Bluetooth Portable Party Speaker - Black


Take your favourite tunes outside with the rugged Sony XG500 splashproof portable Bluetooth speaker. It boasts Bluetooth streaming connectivity and X-balanced speakers to deliver powerful bass with rich, crisp sound. The lightweight and splashproof design helps keep it safe by the pool or hot tub, and the battery can last for up to 30 hours—so the party can keep going all night long.
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Take your favourite tunes outside with the rugged Sony XG500 splashproof portable Bluetooth speaker. It boasts Bluetooth streaming connectivity and X-balanced speakers to deliver powerful bass with rich, crisp sound. The lightweight and splashproof design helps keep it safe by the pool or hot tub, and the battery can last for up to 30 hours—so the party can keep going all night long.

Perfect Size and Sound

  • 53cm (20.87") wide speaker with carrying handle fits in perfectly at almost any outdoor party
  • X-Balanced speakers deliver rich, deep bass and higher sound levels while maintaining clarity

Quick and Easy Connectivity

  • Bluetooth compatibility makes it easy to sync up a smartphone, tablet, or other device to stream your party playlist
  • Electric outlet and battery powered for up to 30 hours, so you can keep the party going all night
  • Connect a guitar or microphone via mic/guitar rear input to use it as a guitar amp

Stylish and Portable

  • Wireless and portable design with built-in handle makes it easy to carry wherever you go
  • Rugged IP66 splashproof and dust-resistant design is tough and long-lasting
  • Stylish LED ring lighting adds a touch of fun to your music

Optional accessories (sold separately)

  • 3.5mm male-to-male stereo audio cable (if you want to connect to a non-Bluetooth device)
Party Speaker
Wireless Multi-Room Capability
Stereo Pair

Connectivity & Media

Primary Wireless Connection
Bluetooth Connectivity
NFC Ready
Network Capable
Satellite Radio
Radio Tuner
Works with Apple AirPlay
Chromecast built-in
TuneIn Radio
DTS Play-Fi
Voice Control
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Apple HomeKit
Other Compatible Apps
Sony Music Center App


3.5 mm Auxiliary Input
USB Input
Headphone Jack

Speaker Features

Shielded Speakers


Approximate Battery Life
30 hours
Remote Control

Physical Features

Dust Proof
Party Speaker
53 cm
30.9 cm
25.4 cm
Width (Inches)
20.87 in
Height (Inches)
12.17 in
Depth (Inches)
10 in
2.69 kg


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts
1 Year
  • Power Cord
  • Manual

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  • Vibe Everywhere You Go
    Reviewed by xupr4 - June 21, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] In all honesty there is not much to say about this speaker, but the few things that one can mention are all pretty good features - You get the Bass, and is crisp. - You get around 30H of battery with fast charging - The speaker has an IP66 rating which is dust/splash proof (not submersible sadly), making it perfect for the beach/tailgate. - The shell is made of high quality plastic with a mesh type fabric protecting the cylinder - On the back you get 2 charging ports that charge @ 5V 1.5A, an AUX port, and a guitar/mic port 9 (really do not why but we will take it) - On the back you also have your party connect, battery, lights, and guitar buttons. (These buttons do pretty basic functions. On the App there are more and better options but the buttons are still nice to have) - Now the App ----At first i was not impressed with what the functions on the actual speaker did, until I installed the App and started going through the settings. On the main screen you get to see the battery percentage and choose from the different types of modes the speaker offers. But once you get to the settings you get your sound, power, and illumination options as well as connectivity and system information. On the Sound tab you get a on/off switch for Sony's EQ ClearAudio+. You also get to create your own EQ enable MEGA BASS (I always have it on), and get to add DJ effects (Insolator, and Flanger). The Power Options tab is what made me like this speaker more than any other in its category. In there you are able to find your Battery info, several power saving options such as STAMINA, and Battery Care (Which will help your battery last way longer by keeping it healthy). You also get switches for sound ques and also stand by modes. On the Illumination tab you get to choose the type of lighting on the speaker, and on the Other settings you get to choose from Sound over connection or prioritize your Bluetooth connections. Overall I was really impressed with the options this speaker has In the App, and also the Sound Quality (specially the Bass). If you are looking for a Party/Tailgate speaker I would highly recommend this one.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Take the party with you!
    Reviewed by Knivels - June 15, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Have you ever wanted to literally take the party with you? Sony’s SRS-XG500 portable wireless speaker can make that happen. It lives up to the standards the manufacturer is famous for and then some more! Sony has been making Bluetooth speakers for a while. Besides the thumping bass courtesy of their Extra/Mega Bass (depending on model), they are also renowned for their party lights and party chaining abilities. The SRS-XG500 is part of the brand’s X-Series. It’s a combination of two tweeter (0.98 inches each) and two woofer (4.33 inches each) speaker units enclosed in a water repellent mesh fabric. The unit has an IP66 rating for water resistance and dustproofing. The ports and controls in the rear are protected by a cover that seals them off. It is not waterproof and cannot be immersed in water. You can, however, party in the rain or take it to the beach and not worry. The fabric mesh also appears easy to clean. The power, Bluetooth pairing, play/pause and volume controls are all located on the front of the speaker. The circular led lights are located on either side and produce a rather subtle/subdued effect compared to others. There is also a Mega Bass button to get deeper bass. In the rear, beneath the protective cover are five ports: AC Adapter, two USB Type-A, audio in and a mic/guitar in. the USB ports can also charge a connected device. In addition to the ports, there are also four buttons: Party Connect: Sony’s feature which allows compatible devices to connect so audio can be streamed simultaneously Battery: Provides an audio output of the current battery level Light: Toggles light on/off Guitar: This activates the guitar mode. There is a volume control for the mic/guitar function The biggest selling point to is the ability to take the thumping sound with clear vocals with you. The sound is just as rich outside as inside and the ergonomic handle begs to be held. The Sony Music Center app adds some equalizer settings for your output along with some DJ effects through the Fiestable app. Different lighting options are also available. Battery life is rated for an impressive 30 hours of continuous play but that is obviously based on listening preferences and will vary based on individual use; devices streaming to the speaker will more than likely require charging before the speaker does. Charge from empty is about 3 hours but 10 minutes of charging will also provide 3 hours of playback. To help preserve battery health, the charging capacity can be limited. Party Connect is a feature that allows compatible speakers to play the same content simultaneously. I own other Sony speakers that have this feature labeled as “Party Chain”. In summary, I could not group them with this speaker because they are not “compatible". The good news is that Android OS has a feature by default in the later releases (media panel) that helps overcome this hurdle; I have Android 11 by the way. It basically lets a device connect to two wireless speakers and allow simultaneous streaming. My recommendation to Sony would be to allow their speakers to "play" nicely with each other, regardless of family. Sony’s SRS-XG500 in my opinion is bound to be a favorite as we start venturing outdoors. What better way to do it but with a solid wireless speaker that delivers solid sound regardless of the environment? It is a hit in my books and I highly recommend it.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Let the party begin!!!
    Reviewed by Hmirza - May 25, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Sony SRS-XG500 portable Bluetooth speaker is an awesome party speaker, its light weight, easy to carry handle, 30 hours of non-stop and amazingly loud undistorted, mega bass boosted, clear pure music for your enjoyment. My experience has been nothing but amazing and I cannot wait to start using it my summer BBQ parties. So, lets go over some of the features, Pro’s, and Con’s of the Sony SRS-XG500. Unboxing and Setup: In the you get you one Sony SRS-XG500 and the charging brick and cable. The setup process was super simple. My Android phone along with google home immediately pickup the speaker as soon as I powered it on and it was ready to play some music, but to get the best music experience I would highly recommend that you download the Sony Music Center App. The application allows you to make changes to the sound, lights, power options, and Bluetooth options. The app also allows you to access your audio inputs, your music library, music streaming applications, and finally your USB music options. Even though you use the speaker without the Music Center App, I would high encourage you to download and use the app to take full advantage of this awesome portable party speaker. Dimensions: Height: 12 inches Width: 22 inches Depth: 11 inches Weight: 21 lbs. Features: IP66 Water-Resistant and Dustproof design: Sony designed this speaker to be used on the go. The speakers mesh is made of water-repellent fabric to keep the water out and easy to wipe off incase it does get wet. X-Balanced Speakers-Sony developed speaker unit allows for powerful bass without distortion or loss of clarity. And let me tell you the bass on this unit is amazing. Guitar Amp-So, this is a pretty cool feature of the SRS-XG500, this unit can also be used as guitar amplifier. The input in the back allows for a guitar, microphone and audio device plug-in. I don’t own a guitar, so I was unable to test out this option. Illumination- The speaker has two color changing ring lights on both bass speakers on the left and right. The lighting was actually perfect for me, its not too much, you can also change the flash pattern or even turn them off completely. USB and Audio plugin options- So, you don’t see these options in a lot of the Bluetooth speaker now a days. The SRS-XG500 allows you to plugin your phone, and you can also charge your phone while its plugged into the speaker, you can plug in a USB memory stick, or even a flash drive. This unit allows for multiple input options. Party Connect- This is actually a pretty neat feature but unfortunately it only works with other Sony speakers. The speaker has an option to allow for Stereo Pair, in which you can connect two of the same speakers and play in stereo mode, or Party Mode, in which you connect multiple, up to 100 devices, to create a party scene. Pros- Easy Carry Handle – Portable, Lightweight Water resistant and Dust proof Multiple Audio Inputs Guitar Amp – For anyone that is able or want to use it as such Amazing sound quality and mega bass option 30 Hour batter life – 10 minutes of charging provides 3 hours of playtime Cons- The only thing I was not happy about with this speaker was the fact that in either party or stereo mode, these speakers only connect to a specific brand. I have tested out other brands as well and they all pretty much do the same exact thing so I can’t blame Sony for doing the same thing but it does start to get pretty annoying. One of the best features one of these speakers could offer was to connect to together any brand device to create a party mode. Overall, Sony has done it again with its SRS-XG500 Portable Party Speaker, its has amazing sound quality, great bass, multiple input options, even the option to be used as a guitar amplifier, and even charging your devices while pumping out some beats. Sony is a known name in the industry to making quality products, so definitely check out this product if you are in the market.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Centerpiece of your next party!
    Reviewed by Woo151 - May 28, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This Sony Bluetooth speaker is amazing! Great for get togethers, parties or just plain wanting to listen to something where ever you are at. Went over to my neighbors since he has a pool to grill out and chill. 30 hours on a full charge is most than great and the carrying handle makes it super portable. In the box comes with the speaker itself, power cord and charging brick and also the usual paperwork regarding instructions and warranty. They do recommend downloading 2 apps, Fiestable and Sony's Music Center. Fiestable lets you add to the party playlist and lets your phone or whatever device your using emit light linked to nearby speaker. Music Center gives you more options directly to the speaker itself like RGB Light settings and an EQ for your personal settings. Speaker is IP66 rated for being water resistance and dustproof (as long as all ports are securely closed. Mesh fabric itself repels water nicely when I was using at the pool. Though the speaker itself has all the buttons most commonly used like power, BT, play, pause, volume and Mega Bass, I actually preferred just using my phone and personal EQ settings. Btw using EQ disables Mega Bass but just turn up the bass in the sliders for bass, mid and treble and you'll get the same performance. Other than BT pairing, you can directly plug into the speaker using 3.5mm Audio Jack and/or USB (and it charges your device too). I don't have a guitar so I couldn't try out that option it comes with but I did have a mic and tried that out. Also can check the status of the battery level from the covered controls in the back as well as lights. There is also Party Connect that allows for multiple speaker connections to create a daisy chain of music for parties but you have to make sure the speakers are compatible with each other. RGB rings adds a fun touch to the speaker. Using the Music Center app you can change not only the style of lighting (solid, flashing, phasing, etc) but also many different colors too. Can leave it solid colors or just go ham with rainbow explosions everywhere. Sound quality is great and can get SUPER loud with no distortions at all! You can use a bunch of presets depending on the music playing or like me, use your own EQ settings. Bass is deep and heavy without overpowering the music. In the end, this all-in-one party speaker exceeds everything I am used to in a portable speaker. Multiple input options, weather resistant, amazing sound, guitar amp, mic for karaoke and eye pleasing light candy. Sony hit a home run with this and I highly recommend.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Solid Speaker..Indoor/Outdoor it's a party starter
    Reviewed by Denisik91 - June 18, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I'm very impressed with the ergonomics of this Sony Srsxg500 as well with the sound quality and features it has. I've been using it in my house when I don't want to fire up the home theatre and it's a joy more then enough to entertain. Tried it outside and very pleasantly surprised how good the base and sound quality is. Been playing all kind of genres music. Battery life is great 30hr of playing plus you get 2 usb ports to charge other devices in case of emergency or to play content of them. Also you get Party connect, Lights, Mic/Guitar port . Great companion that will bring any party to life. So if you are on the market for a portable great speaker this is the One! Ps: it's ip66 rated ... great near pools or on the beach

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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