Wacom One Creative Pen Display

Model Number: DTC133W0A
Web Code: 14425799

Wacom One Creative Pen Display


See your imagination come to life on the Wacom One 13.3" HD display with stylus. The pressure-sensitive Wacom One pen display delivers an unforgettable painting experience. It comes with a battery-free pen, digital brushes, cloning capabilities, and customisation features to sketch, draw, and paint on the screen.
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See your imagination come to life on the Wacom One 13.3" HD display with stylus. The pressure-sensitive Wacom One pen display delivers an unforgettable painting experience. It comes with a battery-free pen, digital brushes, cloning capabilities, and customisation features to sketch, draw, and paint on the screen.

  • 13.3-inch screen with an active area of 11.6" x 6.5" provides natural surface friction for a realistic pen and paper feel when sketching, drawing, and painting
  • Can be used as an extended display to efficiently annotate documents, and for use in virtual classrooms and web conferencing
  • Battery-free stylus feels like a real pen and uses software to function as a pen, pencil, marker, paintbrush, and chalk in a full range of colours with superb accuracy
  • Connect to your Mac or PC, as well as certain Android tablets and smartphones (requires an additional third-party adapter; not included)
  • Register your Wacom One to receive creative software including Bamboo Paper Pro, Clip Studio Paint Pro (3-month licence), Adobe Fresco (6-month licence), and an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan with Photoshop and Lightroom (2-month licence)
  • Thick Paint brush category offers a variety of Clone Tinting options and tonnes of professional-quality features including Perspective Guides, a Mixer pad, and SmartStroke brush technology
  • Includes the Wacom One pen display, Wacom One pen, 3 replacement nibs, Wacom One X-shape cable, AC adapter (10 watts), an AC plug gead and a manual


Connectivity Type


Stylus Included
Pressure Sensitivity
Number of Tilt Recognition Levels
Gesture Support
Adjustable Weight


Screen Size
13.3 in
Active Area
11.6 x 6.5 in


System Requirements
Windows 7 & Later; Mac OS 10.13 & Later; Android Device with Additional 3rd Party Adapter


Batteries Included


27.7 cm
18.9 cm
0.87 cm
0.44 g
Width (Inches)
10.91 in
Height (Inches)
7.44 in
Depth (Inches)
0.34 in
  • Wacom One Pen Display
  • Wacom One Pen
  • 3 x Replacement Nibs
  • Wacom One X-Shape Cable
  • AC Adapter (10 W)
  • AC Plug
  • Quick Start Guide

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  • I've been a wacom user for many years
    Verified BuyerReviewed by Cosmiccragsman - February 22, 2020

    I have used Wacom tablets for many years starting with the Intuos. It is great for photo editing thru Photoshop along with other aps. The Wacom one is the best I have used because the photo shows right up on the tablet so I can Direct draw. The Wacom Intuos I started with was a blank tablet to draw on but you had to look at the computer screen when drawing on the tablet. With the wacom One you draw right on the photo which makes it more accurate. I would recommend this product to any photoshop user or any others who use photo editing programs! Below are some of the photo manipulations and photo enhancement I have done with the Wacom One.

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
    Ease of Use:

  • Great graphics tablet!
    Reviewed by Bill - January 21, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Wacom one. I apologize in advance for the lengthy review, but this device needs to be setup properly before you can start using it. The tablet arrived in an attractive recyclable carton packaging. The tablet itself came inside a fabric protective sleeve as did the pen/stylus. Please note that the cable that attaches to the tablet MUST be inserted so that the cable excess goes to the LEFT or else it won’t work even if the cable fits. Another thing to look for is if you have an all-in-one PC, you might have HDMI in and HDMI out, the tablet definitely needs to be plugged in the HDMI out for the tablet to work. Once all the cables have been properly connected, you have to go to the Wacom website to download the drivers and bundled software. You will have to create a free account to access your software. After your drivers have installed then the tablet has to be setup in your display properties. Under multiple displays, I chose to extend to it and also mirror so that you see all of the desktop content on your tablet. Then you need Bamboo Paper from the Microsoft store. As long as you are connected to the PC, the website recognizes your hardware so that you get full access to the software options. Once all of that is completed then you can start using the tablet to draw/illustrate . The surface of the tablet is of adequate size for most uses but if you are a professional then you might want to consider a larger tablet. The pen has a button which acts as the mouse right button so that you don’t have to put it down to use the mouse and then pick up the pen again. I found this useful when I was “on a roll”. This tablet is pressure sensitive so it’s beautiful to work with if you are adding handwriting because it looks as if you used a fountain pen or writing brush. The pen is of a battery free design so you never have to worry about charging or replacing batteries. It also comes with extra tips in a secret compartment under one of the feet of the tablet. In use, the tablet performs as expected. It has a nice feel and has two feet that can be folded flat if that’s how you prefer. I have tried sketching, drawing and for photoshopping some photos. Everything worked perfectly. Overall I’m very pleased with this tablet but I’m left wondering if it should have a battery and wireless capability... The main reason I deducted a star from my review was because the setup took much longer than I expected and I think some folks will have trouble getting the tablet configured properly.

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Lots of Fun and Good for Beginners
    Reviewed by Dakingindanorf - January 20, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Disclaimer: I am not a graphic designer by any means, but I enjoy drawing, coloring, and I create content for social media and events at my school. That’s what this tablet is going to be used for, primarily. Right when you open the box, you can tell why Wacom is a leader in graphics tablets. Both the tablet and pen are wrapped securely in this felty paper material. It really gives you that premium feel as you unbox everything. The next thing you notice is the excellent build quality. The tablet and pen both have substance and feel well built in your hands. Other than the tablet and pen, you’ll also find a power adapter and cables, as well as an owner’s manual and clear instructions for setup printed in multiple places on the box. Speaking of setup, it should be easy for anyone buying this tablet. Once you get all the cables attached to the appropriate locations, you simply power on, head to wacom.com/download, and download the latest driver for Mac or Windows. Once this is complete you can create a Wacom account to access and use the Wacom app/ all of Wacom’s online services, including the free software that comes with the device. Once everything is connected and running properly, the Wacom One works as an additional monitor for your computer. Any of the apps you download will download to your computer, not the tablet. You will simply open them and use them on the device. Of the three free programs that come with the tablet (Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Premiere Rush, and Bamboo Paper), I have only downloaded Bamboo Paper as the others are trials only that will require payment after the trial period. I supplemented Bamboo Paper with Sketchbook as it is a free application that works very similarly to Clip Studio Paint. There are plenty of other free drawing services out there, you just need to do a little exploring to find the one(s) that will be best for you. For me, Bamboo Paper is going to work well for note taking, while Sketchbook is going to work well for drawing, coloring, and limited image editing. I used Sketchbook to color in the Pikachu image attached to this review. So far, my experience with using the Wacom One has been great. Using the tablet with the legs extended lifts the screen up to a 19-degree angle and this has been perfect for content creation. The device is plenty bright and using the pen on the display truly does feel like you’re using a real pencil with the right amount of friction. Screen size for my use is perfectly adequate. However, much like others reviewing this device, I would agree with wanting better screen resolution. While 1080p is adequate, it isn’t ideal for fine details when drawing or touching up a picture. I would also really like to see this device with a touch screen and the ability to type. At every turn, I find myself using my fingers to try and navigate around the screen and it obviously doesn’t work. It’s a little unnatural to reach for the pen every time I want to do something. These aren’t huge gripes, obviously, and they don’t detract from the overall use of the device, but I think these things would make it pretty darn near perfect. Some parting tidbits about this device: 1) If you already have a dual monitor PC setup and want to use the Wacom One, it will work as the third monitor. My main monitors use the VGA and HDMI outputs from my graphics card, so this little guy is plugged into my DisplayPort output with an HDMI adapter. It works just fine. 2) Let’s say you’ve been using this thing for a long time or drop the pen and break the nib. Don’t fret. Extra nibs come with the Wacom One, but finding them is a little game of hide and seek. They’re underneath the tablet’s legs. Maybe this is an easy find for people who have used Wacom tablets before, but if not, you’re welcome. My final thoughts on the Wacom One are that it is a fun device to use and it’s also easy to use if you haven’t used a Wacom tablet before. Despite the couple little upgrades I would like to see changed for future iterations of this device, I still think this particular model is well worth the investment.

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great tool for beginner's in digital art
    Reviewed by Jack - January 28, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Wacom One graphics tablet is the first one we ever had - we have nor prior experience in digital art. From that standpoint, it is a really good device for beginners. I think the biggest confusion that people have about it is the tablet aspect - IT IS NOT PORTABLE. It works more like a second screen for your computer. Other than that, once setup is done it's quite easy to understand how things can be done. Summary: Pros: - The screen is matte - Super responsive display - Quite a lot of options to choose from as page layout (papers with scales/graph paper like options etc.) in the Bamboo Paper application - Installation is not that difficult Cons: - Lots of cables that need to be attached (HDMI, Power etc.) - Does not have the natural water color like behavior, so colors do not mix up when you draw (blue +yellow does not make green), which would've been awesome for someone who's starting out I'm also including some images that have been drawn with the table.

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Brings our the artist in you
    Reviewed by Hmirza - January 15, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] So my wife loves to sketch, draw paint, edit videos and photos. Well this tablet is an amazing tool for the job and the best part is you can take this anywhere you go and run it off your phone. Not sure about IOS but we are able to connect it easily to our android devices without issues. The display only works with the pen, so there are no accidental touches or mark when your working and it feels like your actually drawing or sketching on paper. FYI, the screen protector that the tablet comes with does scratch easily so just be careful of that. Other than that a really solid tablet that my wife and kids enjoy.

    Review originally posted on bestbuy.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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