Chromebooks are designed to power your everyday.

Built on ChromeOS, the Google-designed operating system, Chromebooks start fast, automatically keep everything up to date, and help keep viruses at bay¹ so you can always do the things you love - interruption free.

The all new Chromebook Plus.

Do more than you thought you could.

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Chromebook Plus.

More power, so you can do more.

2x faster processors, memory, and storage¹
1080p camera with AI-powered tools that work with any video call app
Intel® Core™ / AMD Ryzen™
8GB+ Ram
FHD 1080p or better


The easy way to get things done.

1x standard processors, memory, and storage
720p camera for clear video calls
Intel® Celeron® / Pentium® or equivalent¹
4GB+ Ram
HD 720p or better

Chromebooks for gaming.

Gaming specific hardware features.

Performance optimized for PC and Console gaming through Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, and Boosteroid
Gaming hardware (RGB or anti-ghosting keyboard and 120Hz+ high refresh rate display)

Chromebooks are designed to power your everyday

Starts fast. Won’t slow you down.

Chromebooks boot up in under 10 seconds, and run automatic updates behind the scenes to deliver performance that’s full speed ahead.

Built-in security.

Fortified with layers of built-in protection, Chromebooks help keep viruses out and prevent little issues from becoming big headaches. Stress-free like security should be.

Google apps in just one tap.

Chromebook integrates what you love about Google into ChromeOS. From easy setup with Gmail, to built-in Google apps and supercharged search, everything is designed to be easier.

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Chromebook Plus

More magic in every moment, with Google AI

Do more than you thought you could with Google AI.

Experience the magic of Google AI with Gemini on Chromebook Plus. With up to double the speed, memory, and storage,¹ plus the magic of Google AI and Adobe², you have the power to do more.

More is possible with Google AI.

Google AI makes hard work feel easy. Write like a pro³, design unique backgrounds, and reimagine photos with generative AI.

Advanced apps for work and play.

Create with Adobe Photoshop4, edit videos with LumaFusion, and game with GeForce NOW. All your favorite apps and more are just a click away.

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