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How to choose an 80 inch or bigger 4K or 8K TV

You’re building the perfect media room or home theatre, and you want it to have major impact. The best way to create a home cinema that makes you feel like Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg is to go big when it comes to your TV screen.

A massive 80 inch TV—and particularly an 80 inch 4K TV—can provide the most immersive viewing experience available to home theatre buffs today. From nature scenes that fill your field of view, to action scenes that put you right in the middle, here’s what you need to know about choosing a big screen TV.

Choosing a big screen TV: 4K 80” TVs

By now you know about ultra-sharp, ultra-high definition 4K resolution. 4,000 or ‘4K’ is the approximate number of horizontal pixels in a 4K TV set; there are about 4000, while a regular HD TV has only about 2000 horizontal pixels.

4K TVs give you way more detail than current high-definition televisions, so expect more life-like colour, amazingly vivid brightness, and authentically realistic detail, thanks to the amazing video picture.

What is 8K resolution?

So, what, then, is 8K TV all about? This is the newest upgrade to TV resolution that’s just beginning to come on the market. 8K TVs have twice the resolution of 4K TVs, making them even sharper, clearer and more realistic than ever before.

4K vs 8K: Choosing an 8K 80 inch TV

There’s a good reason to buy the biggest flat screen TV you can afford; because when you’re putting together a home theatre, you want your entire gaze to be filled with the video picture.

Plus, an 80” TV also allows you to take advantage of that higher resolution video, creating a massive picture that’s super detailed. Sit as far back as you want; you’ll still see everything in ultra-high definition detail.

How to control your TV with your voice

Most new 8K TVs (and 4K sets) come with smarts built in. With the power of digital voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri, you can just ask your TV to execute commands like changing the channel, adjusting the volume, and switching the set off. No need to toss the sofa cushions all over looking for the remote!

What's the largest flat screen TV?

Maybe your media room needs a little more than most. If you want absolutely the largest video picture you can get, Best Buy currently carries some of the best large smart TVs: 86” and even 90 inch TVs—and bigger.

Large screen TV prices

You may be expecting a massive 80” LED TV or an 8K display to cost a boatload. While you’ll certainly be paying for what you get, 80” TVs in Canada have come down in price significantly. Depending on the features you want, an 8K screen or the best 80” TV might cost a lot less than you think.

What’s the best large smart TV?

It may be hard to narrow down what’s the best 80” 8K or 80” 4K TV for sale. Manufacturers are all creating dynamic new smart TVs. The best way to find your next dream television or the largest TV for your budget is to read reviews on the product pages and on the Best Buy Blog.

Why buy a huge TV?

In short, an ultra-huge, large screen size makes movies exciting, and creates a truly breathtaking in-home experience. You’ll see details on a huge scale, showing you amazing hidden gems in classic movies, and giving you a whole new window on entertainment when it comes to new blockbusters.