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  • Satisfy your cold storage needs with an all-fridge refrigerator

    Do you have your own veggie garden? Maybe you love buying tons of fresh produce at your local farmers' market? Or maybe you just need more fridge space to keep fresh food on hand for your horde of hangry teenagers? Then you need an all-fridge refrigerator. Check out Best Buy's selection of all-fridges from top brands such as Electrolux and Frigidaire.

    What is an all-fridge refrigerator?

    An all-fridge refrigerator is just as it sounds; it's all fridge. There's no freezer compartment. Also, unlike other types of fridges an all-fridge has a single, full-sized door.

    Great for families and foodies

    With the biggest fresh food storage capacity you can get in any type of fridge, an all-refrigerator is perfect for households that have a separate, stand-alone freezer for frozen foods. An all-fridge is also ideal for keeping lots of fruit and vegetables on hand so you always have a fresh supply of produce for your morning smoothie. It's an excellent choice for restaurants and professional-style kitchens that need to keep a lot of fresh and prepped food available. Plus, an all-fridge refrigerator makes a perfect cold storage place to keep fermented foods. That's right, we're talking to you hipsters.

    Style and features

    Like most types of fridges, all-fridges come in a variety of finishes so you'll be able to find one that suits your style. All-fridges boast a similar assortment of the most common interior fridge features: adjustable racks, organization baskets, door bins, humidity-controlled bins, LED lighting, and more.