Get easy access to the food in your fridge.

Keep your produce and protein at eye-level with bottom freezer refrigerators.
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Elevate Food Storage with a Bottom Mount Refrigerator

When it comes to finding the right refrigerator, you don't have to be left out in the cold. The choice can be easy if you assess your storage needs and ask the right questions in terms of how to access your food. Bottom mount refrigerators turn the traditional model upside down by placing the freezer at ankle level. This design has gained popularity for a multitude of benefits, so let's have a look at some of them and see if this type of fridge is right for you.

Bottom Mount Benefits

The central convenience of the bottom freezer refrigerator is that your most accessed food stays eye level and at arm's reach. With the conventional configuration, the freezer is top-mounted, meaning you're often hunching over to reach for fresh food or scan the lower shelves. This can put strain on your body and be more time consuming.

If for some reason you envision accessing the freezer more often than the fresh food, then a bottom freezer fridge might not be for you. However, those with a sweet tooth should fear not. Most bottom mounts come equipped with slide-out baskets to better organize the frozen foods. That means you can grab that tub of ice cream with absolute immediacy.

Energy Savings

The majority of refrigerators come equipped with compressors stationed at the bottom of the appliance. For bottom mount refrigerators, this proves to be an advantage in terms of energy consumption. With the freezer in closer proximity, the compressor doesn't need to work as hard. Thus, less energy is consumed in the process and that means less pain when the power bill arrives.

Fridges That Fit

Since your new refrigerator is going to occupy a sizable portion of your kitchen, it's important to get the dimensions right for a seamless fit with the surrounding environment. Bottom freezer refrigerators have cabinet depths that will fit flush with your kitchen cabinetry. Average bottom mounts range between 29" width and 32" depth, with models featuring French doors usually slightly larger. As for your cubic feet capacity, two adults will typically occupy up to 20 cu.ft., while larger families are usually in the 30 cu.ft. range.