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Feed Muscle What it Craves with Amino Acid Supplements

Second only to water, amino acids are the most significant component of your body's cells and tissue, including muscle. These organic compounds are necessary for biosynthesis, the creation of complex proteins, as well as the growth of skin, muscle, and hair, and the regulation of metabolic and immune systems. Chicken, beef, eggs, and dairy provide the essential amino acids your body needs but can't produce on its own. Amino acid supplements include essential and non-essential amino acids that can be quickly absorbed and put to work.

Three Tips on Using Amino Acid Supplements

1. Why to Take Amino Acid Supplements

The average person, with a well-balanced diet, gets enough amino acids from the protein they consume. Bodybuilders and endurance athletes can benefit from supplements, which help improve muscle growth and repair. Those with poor diets or those who are recovering from physical or mental health problems can also benefit, as amino acids boost the immune system, digestion, and have been shown to improve mood, concentration, and sleep.

2. When to Take Amino Acid Supplements

In the case of fitness training, research and user experience agree that pre and post workout is the best time to take amino acids. This helps target muscle growth and repair when it's needed most, and may reduce fatigue.

3.How to Take Amino Acid Supplements

Available in liquid, powder, capsule, and bar form, the effect is ultimately the same, so the best way to take amino acids becomes a matter of personal preference and experience. You may find one form works best for your taste and current metabolism.

For best results, be sure to read all labels, directions, and recommended doses carefully, or consult a doctor, dietitian, or other healthcare professional.

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