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Outfit your Apple Watch with the best accessories

The Apple Watch is a feature-rich smartwatch, and you can personalize it with plenty of accessories, no matter which model you have.

What to know about Apple Watches

Apple Watch has been around for years, with models all the way up to the Apple Watch Series 9. Simply put, it’s a smart device on your wrist packaged so beautifully, it rivals many high-end timepieces. It’s highly functional as well, tracking workouts and activity, health stats like sleep and heart rate, and delivering notifications from a connected iPhone. Imagine the freedom of not having to constantly paw your iPhone when it vibrates in your pocket!

The suave gadget makes no compromises with aesthetics and engineering, affirming Apple's unparalleled attention to its craft. It comes in different variations, from the highest-end Apple Watch Ultra line to the entry-level Apple Watch SE models, which vary in features, rugged build, material of the case, and more. With certain accessory bands, the latest Apple Watch is fully carbon neutral.

One thing you’ll find for every Apple Watch model, however, is a slew of accessories to complement your personal style.

What accessories are available for Apple Watch?

The most obvious accessory to personalize the look is an Apple Watch band or strap. Use a third-party (or official Apple one) to change up the look, from simple silicone for a workout to FineWoven, metal, or designer for the office or a night out.

Complement this with an Apple Watch screen protector to protect the glass screen from bumps, scratches, dents, and dust. There are Apple Watch cases as well that don’t just cover the screen but also the full perimeter of the device, with cut-out ports or protective covers for the Digital Crown and side button as well.

In addition to different bands and a screen protector or case, it’s a good idea to have an extra Apple Watch charger to keep in your car, at the office, or in your travel bag. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting yours at home.

What are my Apple Watch choices?

Apple offers a variety of Apple Watch models, from the entry-level SE models to the highest-end most premium Apple Watch Ultra models for elite athletes and outdoor adventurers. In the middle is the standard series Apple Watches, which improves and refines in design and functionality with every new model.

The Apple Watch comes in 40mm to 49mm case sizes (depending on the model) with a charger and a standard sweat-proof silicone sports band (Ultra models come with the alpine loop, trail loop, or ocean band). But you can get a different band any time, like textile, stainless steel, or even gold or designer, once you are ready to change up the look.

Apple Watch pairs with iPhone and the Apple Fitness, Apple Health, and Apple Watch apps via Bluetooth. There are also Cellular versions of Apple Watch so you can answer calls, receive messages, access apps, and more with a separate connection, and leave your phone at home.