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The Rundown on Apple Watch Stands and Docks

Getting your mitts on a shiny state-of-the-art Apple Watch is exciting, to be sure, but this isn't just a digital twist on a timeless accessory. Your Apple Watch is an advanced piece of tech, one that's constructed with the design and finish of a high-end luxury product. Both of these things mean you need to give your Apple Watch a bit of daily TLC, in order to keep it ticking along in tip-top shape.

What should I buy an Apple Watch stand for?

For starters, an Apple Watch stand (sometimes also called an Apple Watch dock) lets you charge your Apple Watch with ease. Stands and docks utilize the Apple Watch's magnetic inductive charger, so you simply pop the watch on the charging zone of the stand with zero fuss. This has the added benefit of keeping your Apple Watch up and elevated -- safe from scratches or from being scuffed up if tossed carelessly into a nightstand drawer.

What are the top features?

Many stands hide the Apple Watch charger cord neatly within the frame of the stand, allowing you to minimize clutter and tangled wires. If you travel frequently, a folding Apple Watch stand is easy to tuck into a carry-on bag. Many stands also feature built-in batteries of their own, so you can charge your Apple Watch even if you don't have access to an electrical outlet. If you're a digital device power user, you can select a stand that has room to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad all at once.