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A/V Component Shelves and Stands: A Practical and Stylish Solution

Okay, so you just brought home a Blu-ray player and cable box to supplement your new 4K TV. You can't wait to plug everything in and let the ultra high-definition awesomeness wash over you. Except…where are you going to put the new A/V (audio/video) components? You could leave them on the floor in front of the TV, but you can already imagine how your spouse will react to that (i.e. not well). 

You, my friend, need an A/V component shelf or stand. Whether you're finding the perfect place for a Blu-ray player just under your wall-mounted TV, or you need a home for some bookshelf speakers, an A/V component shelf or stand will fit the bill nicely. 

Why You Need an A/V Component Shelf or Stand 

The obvious benefit to a component shelf or stand is it provides a place for A/V components to live that's not the floor, so they'll look better, save space, and prevent any stubbed toes.  Many component shelves and stands feature streamlined, modern designs that complement your room's décor. Browse our selection and you'll find stands and shelves made from a variety of attractive materials, including tempered glass and engineered wood. 

Some models feature adjustable shelves, so you can raise or lower the shelves depending on how much space you need for each component. By arranging your components on properly-spaced shelves, you'll be able to maximize airflow and ensure your devices are running at the optimal temperature. 

Component stands and shelves also help with cable management, allowing you to tuck the cables away behind the component and create a nice, tidy appearance. Most shelves and stands are pretty easy to install, so it shouldn't take very long to get your home entertainment system fully set up and looking great.