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  • Create Order from Chaos with Cable Management Solutions

    The cables behind your home theatre system or computer desk are like dirty laundry—you need them, but you'd prefer to keep them out of sight. Fortunately Best Buy carries plenty of cable management solutions for a variety of situations, so chances are you'll find a cable management product that's perfect for you.

    Why You Need a Cable Management Solution

    Unless you're the type of person who enjoys the sight of tangled, chaotic messes, you'll appreciate how cable management products can bring a welcome sense of order to your cables. However, keeping your cables neat and tidy has other benefits as well.

    In tight spaces, like behind a home theatre cabinet, a bird's nest of cables can obstruct airflow and increase heat levels. This is not good for your electronic devices. The obstruction also makes it harder to clean up the dust bunnies that inevitably form in small spaces.

    If your cables snake out into open spaces they can pose a tripping hazard, especially for young children or older people. In these situations cable management solutions are more a necessity than just an aesthetic preference.

    Types of Cable Management Solutions

    Okay, so you've got a pile of cables that's doing its best impression of a heaping plate of spaghetti. How can you bring some order to this mess?

    Reduce the Cables

    If part of the cable chaos is created by power cords, a power strip can be a useful solution. Plug all of your devices into the power strip, and then you'll only have one cable to deal with. Plus, some power strips also act as surge protectors to guard against damaging power surges.

    Wrap the Cables

    Cable wrapping products, which includes zip ties and straps with hook-and-loop fasteners, are perfect for consolidating multiple cables into one single makeshift rope.

    Hide the Cables

    Extension columns and cable ducts are great ways to hide your cables in plain sight. These products not only bring the cables together, they also cover them up and keep them out of view.

    If you want to string your cables in places that are out of sight, like underneath a desk, you can use cable clips and similar products. These solutions ensure the cables go where you want them to.

    Speaker wires, especially those that connect a surround sound system, can pose a tricky problem because they need to be strung through the home theatre area. But fear not—solutions like cable covers and adhesive speaker wire keep the wires mostly out of sight. You can also use throw rugs and carpet runners to hide the cables.