Choose the best baby thermometer for your family

Fevers can feel scary to any parent. When your baby is warm it’s instinct to put your hand on their forehead to see if he or she has a fever. While the touch test is comforting to you and your baby, a baby thermometer is a must-have to accurately take your baby’s temperature.

What features should you look for in a baby thermometer?

Because babies of all ages don’t sit still for long, speed and accuracy are two main features you should look for when choosing the right baby thermometer for you. If you plan on using the thermometer for the entire family, you may wish to choose a no-contact temporal thermometer or an ear canal baby thermometer with disposable tips so you can switch it out with different children.

Some baby thermometers will come with lights so you can see your readout in the dark, and parents love baby thermometers that keep track of the last few temperatures taken in case they forget what the last result was.

There are many different types of baby thermometer, and the one you choose will depend on the age of your baby and your preferred body location for taking a temperature.

Rectal baby thermometers

For newborn up to three months old, a rectal baby thermometer will provide you with the most accurate temperature. They are easy to use and give you a quick temperature reading even if your baby is wiggling. Some parents will continue to use a rectal baby thermometer until their child is old enough to accurately use an ear canal baby thermometer.

Ear canal baby thermometer

One of the more popular choices, an ear canal baby thermometer is perfect for children over the age of 12 months when the ear canal is large enough for an accurate temperature check. Some models of ear canal baby thermometer come with disposable lens tips so you can use it for multiple members of your family, and some also have pre-warmed tips to reduce discomfort.

Infrared or temporal baby thermometer

Infrared, forehead, or temporal artery thermometers are fast, accurate, and easy to use on babies of all ages. They are a highly rated thermometer by parents because they scan your baby’s temperature on the forehead and often work with an app or keep a history of temperature changes each time you scan. This type of baby thermometer will grow with your child, and it’s often used as a whole family thermometer because it’s non-invasive and simple to use.

Oral digital thermometers

An oral digital thermometer is placed under your baby’s tongue. While not as fast as a temporal baby thermometer, an oral digital thermometer is easy to use and provides you with an accurate temperature. While you can use this type of baby thermometer on all ages of baby, you’ll receive a more accurate readout if your child is old enough to hold still with their mouth closed.

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