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Different types and sizes of batteries and their uses

Batteries come in all shapes and sizes. They range from general purpose batteries you’d use for a flashlight or smoke detector, to the tiny LR44 battery you might find in a digital thermometer. The variety also includes the use of different materials including high performance lithium batteries, and alkaline battery options.

Among the most popular types of battery are AA, AAA, C, D batteries and 9-volt. These are used to power a wide range of household devices including flashlights, TV remotes, R/C toys, game controllers, and smoke detectors.

There are also many more specialized batteries sizes. For example, the 18650 battery is a lithium-ion battery often used in devices with a high power requirements, like laptops. AAAA batteries are used in small devices such as blood glucose meters and garage door openers. The CR123A battery is primarily used by cameras, home security equipment, and high-powered flashlights. The CR2 battery is popular for use in photography equipment including flashes, light meters and some cameras. There are also speciality batteries for applications like a UPS (universal power supply).

And then there are coin batteries.

CR2032 battery and other coin batteries

Coin batteries are varied enough to have their own category. They share a common form factor, a small, thin disk. This makes coin batteries ideal for use in ultracompact devices that don’t use a great deal of power, including watches, car remotes, and hearing aides.

There are dozens of different coin or button battery sizes. Among the most commonly used are the CR2032 battery, LR44 battery, and CR 2450 battery.

Battery packs

Many devices use multiple batteries, and for those that see frequent use it’s always a good idea to have extras on hand. For example, the LR41 battery is used in miniature electronics, but devices often take two or more. So many different household electronics use AA batteries, that they are always in demand.

Manufacturers make it easy to stock up by offering battery packs in different sizes. In the case of AA batteries, you can buy then in quantities from two at a time to an economical 48-pack.

Rechargeable batteries

When you find yourself replacing batteries frequently, rechargeable lithium ion batteries make for an economical and environmentally-friendly option.

Once limited to the most common batteries sizes (like AA), manufacturers now offer rechargeable options for a wide range of variations including the A23 battery, 9V batteries, and the CR123A battery.

How to dispose of batteries

Batteries contain toxic materials that can leach into water supplies with time, so they should never be thrown in the garbage. Best Buy is working to ensure none of the batteries Canada uses will ever be sent to a landfill by offering free battery recycling at stores. Bring your old batteries to Best Buy and they will be disposed of in an e