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Bedsheets: Enjoy Comfort and Style

How much time do you spend sleeping every night? Maybe 7 hours, or 8 if you're lucky (or really disciplined)? Multiply that by the number of nights you sleep during the year (hopefully it's 365) and you'll see just how much time you spend in bed in a year.

We're asking you to do this impromptu math exercise to illustrate a point: During all that time you're sleeping, your skin is resting against your bedsheets. With that much time spent snuggling with your sheets, it's a good idea to get sheets that you'll actually enjoy sleeping on and under.

Read on to find out what things you should be looking for when you're shopping for bedsheets, then browse our wide selection to find the best bedsheets for you.

Types of Bedsheets

The main types of bedsheets are flat sheet and fitted sheets. Let's dive into each type in a bit more detail.

Flat Sheets

Flat sheets (also referred to as top sheets) are the sheets that lie on top of you, between you and your duvet, blanket, or comforter. Some people enjoy using flat sheets so they can get that "tucked in" feeling, or so they can reduce the amount of times they need to wash their blanket (because it's easier to wash the thin flat sheet).

Fitted Sheets

As the name suggests, fitted sheets are designed to fit snugly around your mattress. These sheets wrap around the mattress and lie underneath you when you're in bed. Most people enjoy using fitted sheets because it feels nicer than sleeping directly on the mattress, and it looks nice to boot.

Things to Look for When Buying Bedsheets

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when you're shopping for a new set of sheets. 

Bed Size

This may seem pretty obvious, but it's a good place to start. Make sure you choose sheets that match the size of your mattress, otherwise you'll end up with excess fabric or -- even worse -- sheets that aren't big enough to fit. Take a look through Best Buy's wide selection and you'll find king size bedsheets, queen size bedsheets, twin bedsheets, and double bedsheets in a variety of designs.

Bedsheet Materials 

The material you choose will determine multiple aspects of your sleeping experience. Some fabrics are cool and smooth, while others provide more warmth and softness. The materials you're most likely to encounter are cotton (including Egyptian cotton), microfiber, bamboo, rayon, polyester, flannel, silk, and satin.

Thread Count

Generally speaking, the higher the thread count the better because the thread count determines a fabric's smoothness and durability. But you also need to balance this with the benefits of the material you choose, so when you're making a choice it's best to consider both thread count and material.

Sheet Sets

If you're looking for sheets with matching designs and materials, it's easiest to pick up a sheet set. These sets usually include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and maybe some pillow cases.