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Choose the right bedding for a great night’s sleep

Your bed is your sanctuary. It’s where you get a solid night’s sleep, curl up with a good book, or take a nap on a sunny day. The type of bedding you choose for your bed is important because it affects both your comfort level and the quality of your sleep.

What are the different kinds or types of bedding pieces for a bed?

Bedding refers to the sheets, pillows, blankets, and quilts that cover your bed. There are many different options for the type of bedding you choose, and your ultimate decision will depend on your personal taste and style.

From flannel bed sheets, silk duvets, or the clean lines of a coverlet, choosing the right bedding can make your bed as inviting as one you’d see in a luxury hotel or show home.

Duvets, duvet covers, and comforter sets

One of the most important bedding decisions you need to make is whether you’ll choose a duvet or comforter to keep you warm at night. Comforters are one of the most common bed covering choices. Made of cotton or other synthetic fabrics, they can be thick and warm or thin and cool.

Comforters and comforter sets with pillow cases are available in different sizes and fabric styles, and you switch up your comforter when want a change in style or colour.

Duvets are different from comforters in that they are made from natural or manmade fibers and fill. Most duvets have a white cotton cover that holds duck or goose down. You can choose a basic duvet with a small amount of fill or large, fluffy duvets with over stuffed fill. If you suffer from allergies, duvets are also available with manmade fill.

When you have a duvet you can purchase different duvet covers. These covers are changeable. If you love silk duvets in the summer and flannel duvets in the winter, you can have two covers you switch out while keeping the same duvet. Most duvets have a lifespan of 5 years.

Do you love the look of quilts and coverlets?

If you love the minimal look for your bed, you may opt for a quilt or coverlet instead of a comforter or duvet. A quilt or coverlet is available in a variety of colours and styles, but it’s thinner and more lightweight than a comforter or duvet.

The basics elements of bedding

Once you’ve decided between comforter and duvet, you can choose the rest of your bedding.

Sheet sets

Bed sheets include a fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillow case. If you choose bedding for a twin bed, you’ll have one pillow case. Bedding for a double, Queen, and King include two pillow cases.

The first thing you’ll notice about sheet sets is there’s a lot of choice. You can choose from comfortable cotton, cozy microfiber, smooth Egyptian cotton, bamboo, or luxurious silk. The type of fabric you choose will affect how soft your sheets are.

The other factor that will affect softness of sheets is thread count. Thread Count refers to the vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. You can find thread counts from 200 to 1000, and the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet will be. With higher thread count sheets, the fabric should become even softer over time too.


Pillows are available in different sizes and come with different types of fill and level of firmness. You may want to choose a soft pillow that lets your head sink down, while your partner wants a firm, foam pillow to keep their neck upright.

Pillows for a twin or double sized bed are available in standard or jumbo sizes. If you have a Queen or King size bed, you may want to choose a Queen or King size pillow.

Mattress protectors and pillow protectors

Before you place your sheets and pillows on your bed, you may want to add a mattress pad and pillow protectors. Mattress pads add loft to your bed, making the mattress more comfortable. They also protect the mattress from wear and tear. Pillow protectors will protect your pillows, and you can choose allergen-reducing pillow protectors to keep dust and other particles at bay.

Kids and toddler bedding

When you want to customize your child’s bedroom, the easiest way to do so is through kids and toddler bedding. Choose fun patterns, their favourite cartoon character like Minnie Mouse or Paw Patrol, or their favourite sports team. Your child will have a bed they’ll love to go to sleep in.