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  • 4K Resolution: 4 times sharper than HD
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR): Brilliant brights, deepest darks
  • Wide Colour Gamut (WCG): More life-like colors

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Bringing Home the Spectacular Movie Watching Experience with Blu-ray Movies

Are you all set for a delightful movie night with your family? Check. Comfortable seating? Check. Popcorn and drinks? Check. Now, all you need is your favourite Blu-ray movie disc to take your movie watching experience to the next level. On-demand video services like Netflix and Amazon have changed the way we consume movies, yet physical media like Blu-ray movies still has its place in home entertainment. Here's why.

Better video quality with high resolution

A Blu-ray disc uses blue-violet laser technology to read and write data. A Blu-ray disc can hold up to 25GB of data, while a dual-disc's storage space extends to 50GB. It has a maximum video bit rate of 40Mbps. With a larger storage space, this format lets you watch high definition movies up to full HD 1080p resolution.

It also means Blu-ray movies have better video quality than streaming services that stream compressed content with 5-6GB file size, and 4.5-7Mbps of video bit rate. Since streaming services rely on the internet, compression elements like banding and softness can also affect the picture quality, even if they are streaming in 4K.

Superior Audio Quality

Compression can greatly affect the sound quality too. This is not an issue with Blu-ray discs because of the large storage space. Also, Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio formats that help you enjoy detailed and rich sounds are norm with most Blu-ray movies. Combine it with good audio accessories, and you are in for a treat.

What Is Ultra HD Blu-ray And Are Blu-Ray Movies 4K?

Ultra HDs are the next generation Blu-ray discs that support 4K. Blu-ray 4K movies have a standard resolution of 3850 x 2160, so you can watch sharper, richer images. With a double-layer 66GB storage space, the disc can deliver up to 180Mbps of data. The experience these 4K Blu-ray movies offer is the closest you can get to an actual theatre experience. Only Ultra HD Blu-ray players will play a 4K Blu-ray disc.

Buying Blu-ray Movies Online and The Cost Factor

Online sites like Best Buy Canada are the best place to buy new releases of Blu-ray movies. You can easily filter for latest releases, studios, pre-orders, deals, or genres to find the best Blu-ray movies available. You are also most likely to find cheap Blu-rays or Blu-ray movie collection on-sale here at than on any other platform.

3D Blu-ray Movies

The continuing popularity of 3D movies give the 3D Blu-ray releases their niche place in the market. 3D movies in Blu-ray format are valuable because subscription-based services cannot stream movies in 3D version.

Storing Blu-rays

Blu-ray discs are built to last a lifetime. Of course, they are susceptible to scratches, sunlight, and high temperature. If you are looking to store them in minimum spaces, consider taking them out of the original case. Sleeves, jewel cases, and slim cases can help you store these prized Blu-ray movies in a minimal space, safely, and for longer time.

Bonus Content

Blu-ray movie discs are packed with behind-the scenes content, commentary tracks, deleted scenes, and making-of episodes that help you understand and fall in love with filmmakers and their movie-making process.

Consistent Access

Streaming sites can take away your favourite movie anytime, without prior notice. Blu-ray movies, on the other hand, are yours to enjoy forever. They offer a personalized, unparallel experience that cannot be delivered by streaming mediums. Some Blu-ray movies come with a digital copy that can be accessed on portable devices like an iPod.

Popular Blu-ray movies and TV series on Blu-ray

Classics like The Martian, The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street are some of the highest rated Blu-ray movies on Best Buy. It's not just movies, from Star trek to CSI, and Lost to Game of Thrones, you can collect small screen's most worthy watches on Blu-ray discs.