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Make fresh bread hot out of the oven with a bread and loaf pan

What are bread and loaf pans?

Bread and loaf pans are oven-safe pans designed specifically for making hot and fresh bread at home.

They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate everything from your basic loaf of bread, banana bread, or even meatloaf, to those shaped for specific types of bread like brioche, mini loaves, baguettes, Italian bread, hot dog buns, shortbread, scones, cornbread, and more.

Materials like ceramic and clay offer great heat diffusion to ensure even baking without the bread drying out, and non-stick pans mean you don’t have to use butter or oil to prevent the bread from sticking. Other common materials are metal, glass, and silicone.

Different colours are available like silver, black, and red, and styles, like ones with ruffled edges and modern or classic looks so you can get one that matches other kitchenware and the overall style of your kitchen.

Some bread and loaf pans also come with a cover, which can help the dough to rise and create a crispy crust.

What is the best type of bread and loaf pan?

The bread and loaf pan you choose will depend on what you want to bake. The most versatile type would be a loaf pan that can make many different types of bread, meatloaf, and cakes, formed in the standard rectangular shape. A round pan might be best for breads like sourdough or Italian.

But if you most often make a specific type of bread, you might want to look for a pan designed and molded for that purpose.

What to look for in a bread and loaf pan

When selecting a bread and loaf pan, regardless of the type, consider the material. You want something that can be used in hot temperatures and that is oven-safe. Some can also withstand extremely cold temperatures in the event you need to put it in the refrigerator after baking. It’s also handy to find one that is microwave- and dishwasher-safe. A durable glaze can help prevent chipping, cracking, and scratches on a pan you use often.

Look for a material that allows for even baking. For breads that require high humidity, an included domed lid could be useful. Some pans have holes in the bases to help the dough rise, or ridges to prevent wetter doughs from sticking.

A pan with folded corners, built-in handles, or a lid with handles, can be useful for allowing you to put the bread in and take it out of the oven with ease. And the folded corners can prevent warping.