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Stock your kitchen with cake pans and make the best homemade cake

Whether you go the boxed cake route or you love to experiment with homemade cake batter, cake pans are the key ingredient to making the perfect cake. With the right cake pan, cake mold, or Bundt pan you can make everything from a birthday cake to a retirement cake and more.

What are cake pans?

Cake pans are an essential piece of bakeware every kitchen should be stocked with. From round cake pans for a classic birthday cake to square cake pans for your favourite sheet cake recipe, cake pans will your go-to piece of bakeware.

What are the best materials for a cake pan?

Cake pans come in all types of materials, and the type you choose depends on how you like to bake.

Non-stick cake pans are the most popular, and you can find non-stick round cake pans, non-stick square cake pans, non-stick cupcake pans, and non-stick Bundt cake pans. This style of cake pan is coated to let you easily release the cake or cupcakes you’re baking.

Stainless steel cake pans are polished to a perfect finish, and they bake your cake quickly and evenly. Aluminum coated cake pans don’t have that highly polished appearance, but they are the best for baking because they are durable and will resist heat warping.

Silicone is a popular style of cake pan or cake mold because of the ease of use. You can bake in silicone and your cake and cupcakes will easily pop out of the mold. Silicone is also easy to handle as it does not retain heat.

What are the different types of cake pans?

If you’ve ever been impressed with a custom cake at a birthday or anniversary party, you know the home chef probably spent time selecting the best cake pan for the job. It’s a hard choice, because there are a lot of different styles of cake pan available.

Beyond simple round, rectangle, or square cake pans, cake rings are the cake pan of choice when making molded cakes like cheesecake. Silicone cake rings stretch to let you easily remove your cake from the mold, while metal springform cake rings will open via a clip.

Bundt cake pans are a perfect for making Bundt cakes or coffee cakes, and cupcake pans are great if you’re whipping up a dozen cupcakes for your coworkers or your kids.

There’s also cake molds in a variety of shapes and styles. Cake molds let you bake a specific shape of cake. Choose your child’s favourite character or pick a unique style that reflects a theme like Halloween, Christmas, or fall.

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