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FAQ About Camera Bags & Cases

The options are endless when it comes to camera cases and bags. From rolling hard cases to sling bags to fitted pouches, you'll have a variety of designs, styles, and sizes to choose from. Looking for a new camera case or bag? Answer the following 2 questions to find the perfect one for you.

What type of camera do you use for your photography style?

Point and shoot

Are you a casual shutterbug? If so, a compact case or pouch is perfect for you. This type of point & shoot case is lightweight, discreet, and usually comes with a detachable wrist strap so you can carry it easily. Most compact cases also include a pocket or 2 so you can store additional batteries or memory cards.


The amount of DSLR accessories you own will determine the size of your camera bag. If you've just upgraded to a DSLR and have minimal accessories, opt for a holster, small backpack, shoulder bag, or sling bag. These DSLR bags offer exceptional protection and usually feature a few interior and exterior pockets so you can bring along an extra battery or memory card. You'll need a larger bag or backpack if you plan on packing a tripod, multiple lenses, filters, and more. Want to travel light? DSLR wraps are lightweight covers that protect just your camera so you don't need to carry excess bulk.

What do you want to shoot?


Love capturing spectacular photos of the great outdoors? If so, look for a bag that protects your gear from the elements. Some bags come with pull-out or detachable rain covers, while others feature water resistant constructions. You most likely will also use a variety of tripods and filters to help you get that perfect shot so find a shoulder bag or backpack that's large enough to fit all your equipment.

Vacation and travel

When you're travelling abroad, you're probably out the entire day touring new cities or ancient ruins. Invest in a versatile camera bag that can hold more than your photography gear so you don't have to lug multiple bags around all day. Some bags come equipped with dedicated compartments for your laptop or tablet, while others include space for your personal items.

Nature and wildlife

If you're into nature and wildlife photography, chances are you own at least a few long lenses so you can capture subjects from far away. In this case, you'll need a DSLR camera backpack that's built for hiking and large enough to fit your hefty lenses. Look for a backpack with a comfortable harness system so you can customize how you want your body to carry the weight.

Street photography

Mobility and speed is everything when you shoot on the street. Consider a backpack or sling bag that gives you side access to your camera. A side access pocket allows you to grab your camera in a flash without having to remove your bag off your shoulders.