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FAQ About Heavy-Duty Camera Cases

Your camera is an investment and therefore worth protecting. Whether you're working with expensive equipment, traveling around a lot with your gear, or frequently shooting in less-than-ideal weather conditions, you'll want to seriously consider getting yourself a heavy-duty camera case. Read on for the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about these hard camera cases.

What makes a camera case heavy-duty?

A case is heavy-duty if you can trust it to protect your valuable equipment from pretty much anything life throws at it. This type of case will feature a very robust exterior construction and often sport a protective foam interior to keep your equipment safe. Pelican heavy-duty camera cases, for example, feature a resilient open cell core with a solid wall design and are crushproof, dustproof, and waterproof.

Why do I need a heavy-duty camera case?

It's all about protecting your investment. Own a super-expensive telephoto zoom lens or DSLR camera? A regular camera bag won't offer the kind of protection that'll give you true peace of mind. Out in nature a lot snapping shots in inclement conditions? It's times like those when you want a durable, waterproof hard case.

Heavy-duty camera cases are also ideal for photographers who move around a lot, especially by air. When you're hurrying through the airport or stowing your belongings on the plane, you don't want to be constantly bending over backwards to make sure your gear is okay.

What are the differences between low-end and high-end heavy-duty camera cases?

Several factors like capacity, durability, portability, and the type of material can all play a role. When it comes to Pelican heavy-duty camera cases specifically, higher-end models have various other useful features in addition to the standard ones. They can feature stainless steel padlock protectors, larger capacities, customizable padded dividers, and Pelican's unique multilevel Pick N Pluck foam interior for a customized fit. They can also sport retractable extension handles and polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings for easy and convenient portability.

When shopping for a heavy-duty camera case, consider these kinds of features and determine how in line they are with your needs to help you make the right decision. Once you pull the trigger on one, you'll enjoy more peace of mind and your camera gear will definitely thank you.