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128 results


Camping Chairs: Enjoy Some Relaxation in the Great Outdoors

For most of us, camping is the best way to get closer to nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Through camping we can enjoy a completely different way of living for a little while. However, one aspect of camping you might not enjoy is sitting on the damp ground or on a chilly rock. This is why camping chairs should be an essential part of your camping gear, alongside other useful items like camping tables and camping cots. 

Best Buy carries an enormous selection of camping chairs, suitable for a variety of situations. Keep reading to see what types of chairs you can choose from, and what features to look for. 

Types of Camping Chairs 

Whether you're roughing it for two weeks in the woods or spending the weekend in a cabin with your family, you'll find camping chairs that are designed to meet your needs. 

Luxurious Camping Chairs 

If your top priority is comfort and relaxation, then a luxurious camping chair is for you. Some models include features like leg rests and the ability to recline, and they're usually designed for support and relaxation. However, these chairs can be bulkier and heavier, so they're best reserved for situations where you can easily drive to the campsite (or if you're camping in the backyard). 

Regular Camping Chairs 

These standard camping chairs hit the sweet spot between comfort and portability. They usually feature a folding design, which makes them easier to pack up and carry, and many models include arm rests and seat backs. If you're staying at a single campsite and just need a simple, comfortable place to sit, these chairs fit the need perfectly. 

Minimal Camping Chairs 

If you need to hike for hours to your campsite or are planning to move between multiple sites, you'll want to explore a minimal camping chair. Typically, they come in two designs: stools or folding seats. These chairs are extremely light and portable, yet still provide a place to comfortably rest when you need to. 

Stadium or Concert Chairs 

Attending a concert or sporting event is great, but not all venues have comfortable seating (or sometimes any seating at all). In these situations a stadium or concert chair can spell the difference between an enjoyable experience and a soggy seat of your pants (from sitting on the damp grass or a wet stadium seat). 

Features to Look For 

After you've narrowed down the type of camping chair you want, keep an eye out for features like these: 


Many camping chairs are made from a nylon material because it's durable, comfortable, and water resistant. If comfort is a higher priority for you, look for chairs that contain foam padding. Most chairs also include aluminum struts because they achieve a nice balance between lightness and strength. 


A comfy camping chair is great when you're at your campsite, but a heavy chair can be a real pain to carry if the campsite is a three-hour hike from the parking lot. Keep in mind that the farther you have to carry the chair, the heavier it's going to feel, so look for a chair that meets your needs in terms of lightness and size. 

Arm Rests and Cup Holders 

When you're lounging by the campfire in your camping chair, arm rests and a cup holder can go a long way towards increasing your comfort level. Features like this can add to the weight of the chair, but might be worth it in the end.