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Dash Cam Buying and Installation Guide.

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What are car cameras?

Car cameras include both dashcams (sometimes called car DVRs—digital video recorders or EDRs—event data recorders) and backup cameras (also known as reversing or rearview cameras). These cameras offer many benefits to drivers, such as the ability to record events and incidents involving your vehicle and helping you to see better when backing up your car. Dashcams are typically mounted on the interior windshield of your car, while backup cameras may be mounted in various locations such as on your back bumper near your licence plate. In either case, these cameras are small, unobtrusive, and serve as a valuable asset to vehicles and drivers.

What can car cameras do?

Car cameras have a variety of different features and benefits. They can record events and incidents involving your vehicle—both inside and out, and backup cameras help you to back into narrow or otherwise difficult to navigate places by providing a view from the rear of the vehicle that drivers don’t otherwise have access to. Car cameras frequently offer features like night vision video recording, full-colour HD video (sometimes even in glorious 2K quality), wide viewing angles of 130—or even up to 160 degrees, and continuous loop recording to a Micro SD card with full audio also captured. Most car cameras are also quick and easy to install, plugging into a car cigarette lighter port for power and mounting in mere seconds.

Who would need a car camera?

Car cameras are useful devices for anyone who owns their own car. Most dashcams record continually while the car is running and also have the ability to record incidents that may occur when the vehicle is parked, such as if you park on the street and are hit by another driver when you’re not even there. Whether you employ a dashcam or a backup camera, your vehicle will be protected against accidents, break-in attempts, and other incidents.

Dashcams with interior facing cameras are also very useful for cab drivers and anyone else who uses their car to drive other people around. This is because if there is any kind of an incident, such as a disagreement between driver and passengers, a video record is created that can help to resolve disputes, such as court or arbitration cases. Additionally, backup cameras are great for those that routinely need to back into tight parking spots and the like.

What type of car cameras are available at Best Buy?

Best Buy carries all the latest car camera technology from the most trusted and innovative brands, including regular dashcams with either front-facing cameras or both front- and interior-facing cameras. Best Buy also carries a wide variety of backup cameras with various mounting systems, and cameras with multiple features and resolution options. Some cameras also come with their own Micro SD cards, so it’s a good idea to check whether this is the case with the model you’re considering buying, otherwise you will have to supply your own.