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Store your music and movies with CD wallets, sleeves, and albums

The world may have shifted to streaming music and video, but CDs and DVDs will never go out of style. When you have a collection of favourite music and movies on CD and DVD, you want to keep them in perfect condition with CD wallets, sleeves, and albums.

Why you want to protect your CDs and DVDs

There are quite a few reasons you’ll want to keep and protect your CDs and DVDs. Having your favourite music on CD and favourite movies on DVD mean you’ll always have a crisp, clear copy you can pull out and play anytime. Some classic movies and music are also difficult to find online, and if you have a copy in CD or DVD format, you’ll want to hang onto it so you can always listen to it.

Benefits of CD wallets, sleeves, and albums

With a CD wallet, CD sleeve or jewel case, and CD album, all of your CDs and DVDs will have a home and be fully protected. You can choose a single CD sleeve or jewel case and stack them in a cabinet, or pick up a CD or DVD album and keep them together for easy transport.

You can find CD wallets, sleeves, and albums in different colours, materials, and with a varying number of pockets. If you’d like to take your CDs in the car to listen to music or take your kids favourite DVDs along for a road trip, you can chose albums in different shapes and sizes. Some albums are stackable too, so they’re easy to line up in a corner of a room.

Extra features available on CD and DVD albums

While you can find many different kinds of CD and DVD storage cases with zippered enclosures, there are also different types of albums to customize your storage experience. You can find DVD and CD storage albums with spots to store extra power supply cables. There are also types with shoulders traps.

If you want your CD or DVD collection to line your shelves like your favourite books, you can choose several book shaped binders for your music and movies.

CD or DVD wallets, sleeves, and albums are a great way for anyone with a boombox, CD player, or DVD player to store their favourite music and movies. You can find all types of CD and DVD cases and albums on Best Buy.