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Choose from a wide selection of DVD movies for your collection

With thousands of DVD movies available across a wide variety of genres like action, anime, comedy, drama, family, holiday, horror, documentary, and sci-fi, you can amass a binge-worthy personal collection of films to watch whenever you want.

Options range from the most current Oscar-nominated (and winning) films like Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book, and A Star is Born, to classic films like Cinderella, and older buzz-worthy movies you might not have gotten around to watching yet, like The Martian and The Big Short, or even older titles like Spaceballs and Mrs. Doubtfire.

What types of DVD movies can you get?

You can get DVDs of single movies, or compilations or dvd box sets that contain all movies in a particular franchise, like Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Grey, or of a particular theme, like John Wayne westerns, a collection of all Spider-Man films, or Alfred Hitchcock classics. Gain inspiration from box sets that contain the best movies from the ‘90s, for example, or a collection of films from a specific studio, like the Sony Pictures Animation Collection.

DVD movies are, in many cases, the same price as the downloadable or on-demand alternative. You can choose from titles that are available now, or pre-order to get your hands on the hottest new Hollywood blockbusters as soon as they are released.

Why buy DVD movies?

Even if you subscribe to a streaming service or have access to on-demand pay-per-view content, a DVD movie lets you watch the old-fashioned way, without the need for an Internet connection. This means you can bring movies up to the rural cottage or while on vacation, watch from your computer on a plane, or let the kids use a portable DVD player in the car during a road trip. DVD players for the home are inexpensive, or use equipment you already have, like a compatible gaming console or computer, to play back the disc.

Ideal for collectors, there are special edition DVDs with attractive artwork and/or additional information on the jacket about the movie and actors in it. Build a library and watch again and again, even if Wi-Fi or your TV provider service is down, versus renting for a limited time period. DVDs can last for decades if stored correctly, in their cases or a binder protected from scratches and dust.

In addition to classic and current titles, you can also find rare movies that aren’t available anywhere else or might be otherwise hard to find. This could include movies from independent studios or that were of limited release, or NFB titles like 100 Quebecois: Les Decouvreurs. As noted, a box set of DVD movies or clever DVD compilation of films of a similar theme takes the guesswork out of what to watch during a snow day binge fest or sleepover party.