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Don’t get a changing pad for baby without a changing pad cover

What is a changing pad cover?

A changing pad cover is a protective cover that fits over a changing pad to protect the foam material and provide a more comfortable surface on which to change your baby.

Changing pads are usually rectangular as are the covers that fit overtop them. They vary slightly in size to match changing pads, but most covers will fit most standard-sized changing pads and some are elasticized to wrap around them nicely; while some also have zippers for easy removable when you need to wash it.

They come in a variety of materials like cotton, terry, flannel, nylon, vinyl, polyester, or even PVC leather. A variety of colours are also available, from black to white, grey to purple and green, as well as interesting patterns and designs like stars, petals, alphabet, hearts, chevron, stripes, swans, crowns, geometric prints, and even tufted dots. So it’s easy to match one to the look and feel of the nursery.

Many changing pads already come with a cover, but it’s worthwhile to buy an extra one (or two) that you can swap out in between loads of laundry.

Why should you use a changing pad cover?

A changing pad cover protects the actual changing pad, which is usually made of foam or another similar soft and thick material, so if there’s a leak, it only gets onto the cover and not the actual changing pad. Think of a changing pad cover like a fitted sheet or mattress pad.

Changing pad covers can be removed and placed in the washing machine should they become soiled during a diaper change. They are also usually soft so it’s comfortable for baby, and the patterns and colours can distract baby so they stay still while you change their diaper.

Some covers are made from materials that can be easily wiped clean versus washed in a machine. And many are made from waterproof materials that absorb moisture so the foam padding underneath remains protected.

What should you look for in a changing pad cover?

Make sure the size fits the changing pad you own; match the dimensions to ensure they are exact or close enough to fit without being too loose or tight. Find a pattern or colour that jives with the theme or décor of the nursery.

Look for a waterproof changing pad cover that is easy to clean either via warm cloth wipes or by removing and placing it in the washing machine. You also want material that is hypoallergenic and will be soft and warm on your baby’s skin.

While changing pad liners are typically used in commercial spaces, like public restrooms, you might also want to consider grabbing disposable ones to place under the cover to further protect the foam changing pad, especially if you find that you’re experiencing leaks and messes often with your baby during those frequent diaper changes.