• What to put in your diaper bag?

    For at least your baby’s first year, your diaper bag will be your only bag. Which means it needs to not only carry all of the essentials for baby care, like a change pad, diapers, wipes, a nursing cover, formula dispenser, snacks, a bottle, toys, and pacifier, but also important items you might need, like money, credit cards, and ID, along with moisturizer, chapstick, and hand sanitizer.

    Digging into a diaper bag to find what you want can be like navigating through a ball pit trying to locate a lost hair tie. Unless, that is, you find a way to organize items that allows for quick and easy retrieval.

    How to best organize your diaper bag

    Some diaper bags have different compartments, and there’s good reason for this. You don’t want to store a clean onesie in the same pocket as the soiled one that needs to go in the wash once you get home. Likewise, you don’t want to keep diapers in the same area as the baby’s bottle, or your toiletries mixed in with baby’s.

    Most diaper bags have a large central compartment where it would be easiest to store multiple, especially larger, items. And you can still keep things neat with a variety of useful diaper bag accessories. Zippered powder room cases hold your essentials, while baby bottle carriers keep bottles separate from other items. Wet/dry bags help you organize wet and dry items separately, like a wet swimsuit and a fresh change of clothes. There are also travel cases for storing additional items if you’re heading out on a long trip, like a nasal aspirator, medications, travel-sized baby wash, and more. You can even get a pacifier case to keep the tip clean, and the soother easy to find whenever baby wants it.

    Search by brand, getting a matching set of cases and holders, or by discounts to find the best deals. Consider purposely selecting different designs for different holders to make things colour-coded so when you peak in the bag, you know the pink is for the pacifier and the blue is for the bottle and can grab what you need right away.

    Why organize your diaper bag?

    When you need something from the diaper bag, you probably need it immediately. Keeping the contents organized will make it simple to grab what you need, whether it’s the pacifier, wet wipes, or pre-measured formula, in a pinch.

    Organizing diaper bag essentials can also prevent smells or spills from crossing over from one item to another, or dry items getting wet. You don’t want to reach for the diaper rash cream and pull out your own hand cream instead!

    Seeing a nicely organized diaper bag can ease your mind and make things like on-the-go diaper changes, feedings, and everyday outings, go smoothly.

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