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Nursing covers offer you and your baby a cozy sanctuary for breast feeding

When a baby is hungry and it’s time to eat, he or she isn’t going to want to wait. If you’re breastfeeding, that means you need to find a comfortable spot to sit and feed your little one. Depending on where that spot is, you may want to ensure your privacy by using a breastfeeding cover.

What Are Nursing Covers?

A nursing cover, also known as a breastfeeding cover, is simply a fabric cover designed to give you and your baby privacy when breastfeeding. A mother is free to breastfeed wherever her baby is hungry, so nursing covers aren’t a necessity. They do, however, offer you and your baby a sanctuary in the middle of a crowd or loud public space.

The best nursing cover will cover up any exposed areas you wish to cover, be made from a breathable fabric so your baby is cool and comfortable while eating, and be easy to wash and take with you everywhere.

Different types of nursing covers

When choosing your nursing cover, the most important thing to do is ensure it is versatile, has the right amount of coverage for you, and is easy to fold up when you don’t need it. You can find many different types of breast feeding cover. A full shawl or poncho style nursing cover will completely cover you and your baby.

You can choose a nursing cover scarf made from loose fabric or styled in an infinity nursing scarf pattern. There’s also apron nursing cover ups if you’d like to have a style that secures around your neck.

Features and tips for using a nursing cover up

A breastfeeding cover looks like a simple piece of fabric, but it is designed to be multifunctional, comfortable, and flattering for every mom who wears them. Some styles have adjustable straps so they’re comfortable for every body type, and you can find breast feeding covers with a rigid neckline so you have a window to look down at your baby.

Even in the heat, you and your baby will feel cool and comfortable with a nursing cover made from breathable, wrinkle-free fabric like organic cotton or cotton muslin. Some poncho style or apron style nursing covers will also fold up into a pocket for easy storage.

If you choose to use a nursing cover, be sure it’s easily accessible in your diaper bag. You’ll want to be able to sit down and pull it out with one hand, so having it fold up and store in a pocket makes it easier to access.

Choose the perfect nursing scarf, nursing poncho, or nursing apron, right now on Best Buy.