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Enjoy BBQ food or big breakfasts with an electric grill

When you want to sear a steak, cook up a juicy burger, or make pancakes for a crowd, you don’t have to go outside to your BBQ or use a frying pan. An electric indoor grill or griddle will let you grill your favourite chops and more, right on your countertop.

What is an electric grill?

An electric grill is a grill you can use indoors. Because it uses electricity as its heat source, an indoor electric grill doesn’t generate smoke while grilling.  Most electric grills have deep grooves in the griddle plates to capture grease and fat, and many types also have grease traps that catch any run off when you are cooking.

Different uses for an electric grill

Some models of electric indoor grill will offer you interchangeable plates you can use to cook different types of food. Smooth plates are best for pancakes and eggs while griddle plates with grooves are great for burgers and steak.  Depending on the size of electric indoor grill you choose, you can cook one or two burgers at a time or a large weekend meal of bacon, eggs, and pancakes for the family.

Some types of electric grill are designed for specific foods. A sandwich maker is an electric grill that makes grilled sandwiches or panini. A pancake griddle is a long, smooth grill specifically for making pancakes, and a waffle maker is type of grill with round or square waffle plates.

Advantages of using an electric indoor grill

Anyone who owns an electric grill will tell you that the best part of having one is how you don’t have to go outside to enjoy grilling food. Electric BBQ grills let you BBQ inside in the middle of a cold winter, and it’s faster and easier to cook on an electric indoor grill because you don’t have to go back and forth between inside and outside when cooking.

An electric grill is portable and can be placed on any tabletop. You can plug it into a standard electrical outlet, and most types are small enough to be stashed away in the cupboard when you’re finished using them. Some models of electric grill have removable griddles or grill plates so you can put them in the dishwasher to clean.

Enjoy easy weeknight dinners or weekend feasts by bring home an electric grill, griddle, or sandwich maker. You’ll find the best electric grill for you on Best Buy.

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