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Indoor Grills & Sandwich Makers: Easy Breezy Countertop Cooking

It’s never been easier to cook mouthwatering meals without using your stovetop or BBQ. Whether you want to sizzle up steaks and burgers in the middle of winter, create drool-worthy sandwich melts in minutes, or quickly fry up bacon and eggs on a lazy Sunday morning, all you need is the right indoor grill, griddler, sandwich maker, or panini press on your counter.

Indoor Grills

Grilling on the barbeque might be your idea of a perfect weekend, but for all those times when the weather outside is frightful, an indoor grill can more than help tickle your taste buds. Easy to use and easy to clean, indoor grills plug into a standard electrical outlet and are an ideal way to cook steaks, burgers, smokies, kababs, and more.

As an added bonus, most indoor grills are designed to drain away fat during the cooking process, making them a healthier alternative to cooking meat in a frying pan. Some also feature a handy clamshell design, similar to a panini press. This lets you cook both sides simultaneously and also helps reduce excess splatter.

Some other popular features to look for on an indoor grill are non-stick cooking surfaces, floating hinges to accommodate different thicknesses of meat, and removable grill plates for easier cleaning.

Sandwich Makers and Panini Presses

If you love a piping hot toasted sandwich every now and then (and who doesn’t?) a sandwich maker ensures perfect results just about every time. Simple in design, sandwich makers toast both sides of a sandwich simultaneously while pinching the sides together, forming a neat little sandwich pocket.

Panini presses are a little more versatile than sandwich presses, in that they can also serve double-duty as a grill or toaster. They’re ideal for well-stuffed sandwiches and thick-slice breads but can also be used to grill or cook other foods as well.

Raclette Grills

A raclette grill makes eating together more fun and more social. It allows you to put out an assortment of ingredients for people to share and cook on the raclette right at your dinner table. They’re ideal for fondue parties but can also be used to grill meats and veggies, and even cook smores.

Raclette grills come in different sizes that can accommodate different numbers of guests. Each guest gets their own little pan and spatula, which they can use to create their own concoctions using the ingredients you’ve placed out.

Multi-Functional Griddlers

If you want to cut down the number of your countertop appliances and get more out of a single device, you might want to consider a griddler. These offer many of the same cooking features of an indoor grill, panini press, and griddle all in one. You can grill burgers and steaks, create mouthwatering paninis and sandwiches, and fry up bacon and eggs — all on the same griddler.

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