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Why A Portable Induction Cooktop is a Smart Buy for On-the-Go Cooking

What are Portable Induction Cooktops?

The ability to boil water or prepare a hot meal without access to a standard stove or range is a major benefit for all kinds of people. From small homes and apartments to offices and campsites, portable cooktops are quickly becoming a must-have piece of cooking equipment. While basic electric models can do the job, they can be a little slow, and in some cases, unsafe to operate if you're not careful.

Using a portable induction cooktop can change the way you cook. Use this simple guide to learn more about how portable induction cooktops work and why you should consider adding one to your setup.

How Do They Work?

An induction electric cooktop functions in a relatively simple way. When you turn a portable induction cooker on, an electric current runs through the visible coil on the top, creating a fluctuating magnetic field. No heat is actually generated through this process, so the cooktop won't get hot to the touch. But don't worry, it is working.

When induction-compatible cookware is placed on the coil, the magnetic field creates small electric currents, and when this energy comes into contact with a pot or pan, it is quickly converted to heat. That means that the cookware is actually what creates the heat, not the induction coil.

The science behind induction technology might mystify a few, but the cooktop itself is really quite simple to use, and this type of cooktop offers a few advantages over other portable cooktop offerings on the market.

What are the Benefits of Induction Burners?

Induction cooktops are state-of-the-art technology when it comes to portable cooking. They offer a wide range of benefits to users and very few drawbacks. For many, making the switch when it's time for a new model is a no-brainer.


Standard electric cooktops have a heated coil that starts getting hot as soon as you turn the device on. These hot coils can burn you or cause fires if left unattended. An induction cooktop doesn't get hot—only the special cookware does. This greatly reduces the risk of getting burned or starting a fire.


Induction cooktops generate heat faster than traditional cooktops, allowing you to do things like boil water, cook rice, heat soup, or fry up some bacon in a fraction of the time.

Up-to-Date Technology

Representing the newest technology in portable cooking, most induction cooktops feature modern and easy-to-operate user interfaces. Many models offer multiple cooking presets to take the guesswork out of common tasks.

How Do I Know if a Pot is induction Compatible?

Induction cooktops rely on a special kind of cookware made mainly from cast iron or stainless steel. Many makers label their pots and pans as induction compatible, but you can perform your own test to see if your own cookware will work. Simply hold a magnet near the base of the pot or pan. Induction compatible cookware will have a magnetic charge, which will attract the magnet in your hand.

Another option is to place the pan on the cooktop with a small amount of water inside. If the display on your cooktop's control panel starts flashing the pot or pan you're trying to use is not compatible. Induction-ready pots and pans are readily available and often quite cost-effective.

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A portable induction cooktop can be an excellent addition to your home, office, or travel plans. Fast and easy to use, these high-tech food-prep tools are chef-approved and ready for almost any culinary task you can throw at them.

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