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Drumming Made Digital

An electronic drum kit simulates the crisp, percussive sound of an acoustic drum kit and then takes it up a notch. Ideal for a wide variety of music from every genre, an electronic drum kit adds a host of cool features to the traditional drum set.

True-to-life sound

Electronic drum kits have the technology to mimic the sound and feel of a traditional drum kit. Enjoy added versatility with a wide range of recorded sounds and switch between drumming sounds to match the music you want to play.

Compact Design

A full-sized acoustic drum kit is one of the least portable instruments out there, so a digital drum kit is an ideal solution for small spaces and for travel, whether it’s across town or across the country.

Practice makes perfect

Since it is more portable, an electronic drum kit makes it easier to practice anytime, anywhere. Unlike with an acoustic drum kit, you can practice whenever the mood strikes (without waking your roommate or the neighbours) by connecting to a pair of headphones.