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Breathe In the Benefits of Aromatherapy with Essential Oil Diffusers

To some, aromatherapy might seem like an airy fairy approach toward wellness. But, this form of alternative medicine has in fact been practiced for centuries. In the modern world, aromatherapy is seeping into more than just spas and yoga studios. People are turning to aromatherapy, essential oils, and essential oil diffusers to find balance, relieve tension, and alleviate symptoms of common ailments.

With an essential oil diffuser, you too can experience the benefits of aromatherapy oils. Find out more about essential oil diffusers and how they can elevate your wellbeing

What Are Essential Oil Diffusers?

An essential oil diffuser is one of the most popular and common ways to breathe in the benefits of essential oils. It disperses essential oils into the air to fill it with therapeutic aromas. Here are some common types of diffusers for essential oils and how they work.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

One of the most popular types of essential oil diffuser is the ultrasonic diffuser. This diffuser uses water and ultrasonic waves to disperse essential oils into a room. Add a few drops of essential oil to the diffuser's water reservoir, and ultrasonic waves will create a fine mist that's permeated with aromatherapy oil -- as well as negative ions. Negative ions help purify and freshen the air, while the essential oil will create a lingering fragrance to treat your senses.

Ultrasonic diffusers are especially popular because they don't require filters or heat to disperse essential oils. When used with water only, an ultrasonic diffuser can also double as a humidifier -- great if you're simply looking to add moisture to a room. It's also easy to change scents with an ultrasonic diffuser; simply replace the water and enhance it with a different essential oil blend.

Heat Diffusers

A heat diffuser uses a heat source, such as a candle or electricity, to heat up an essential oil. As the oil evaporates, it fills the air with fragrance. Keep in mind that heat changes the chemical properties of essential oils, so a heat diffuser may be better suited if you're purely looking to freshen up a room with an oil's aroma.

Reed Diffusers

You may have seen them in fancy bathrooms, hair salons, or spas. You know -- those decorative bottles with sticks coming out of them? Those are reed diffusers. Those sticks -- or reeds -- soak up liquid from the bottle and disperse the subtle scent of essential oils into the air as they evaporate. Because they don't require heat or electricity, they're a safe alternative to scented candles or heated essential oil diffusers.

What Should I Look For When Buying an Essential Oil Diffuser?

Not sure what to look for when shopping for the best essential oil diffuser? Consider these features.

Water Capacity

The water capacity of an ultrasonic diffuser often correlates with its maximum run time. A larger water capacity will allow a diffuser to run continuously for longer. A longer run time is beneficial because you won't have to refill the water as often. If you plan to use a diffuser intermittently throughout the day, a diffuser with a 3- to 6-hour runtime may suffice. For continuous, all-day diffusion, consider an ultrasonic diffuser with up to 20 hours of runtime.

Automatic Shutoff or Timer

Automatic shutoff is a safety feature that automatically turns off an ultrasonic diffuser when it runs out of water. This is especially beneficial if you plan to use the diffuser while you sleep. Alternatively, look for an essential oil diffuser with a timer that lets you set its run time.

Noise Level

Aromatherapy is designed to be therapeutic, not disruptive. That's why noise level is important to consider when shopping for the best essential oil diffuser. Reed diffusers and candle-based heat diffusers don't make any noise, but ultrasonic and electric-based heat diffusers vary in noise level. Look for a whisper-quiet diffuser to maximize the relaxation benefits of aromatherapy.

Ambient Lights and Sound

If the aroma of essential oils isn't enough to knock you into a state of bliss, then look for a diffuser with extras like ambient lights and calming sounds. Soft lights and soothing sounds can complement the aromas of your favourite essential oils and boost the ambience of an already tranquil oasis.

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