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How to Choose a Quality Foot Massager

Foot massage doesn’t just feel great and help you to relax, it’s an age old practice that promotes health and overall wellbeing.

If you think about it, our feet take the weight of our whole bodies all day long and that much constant stress can take its toll.

Regular foot massage can help counteract these stresses and lead to a happier healthier you. But heading out to a spa weekly can get costly. Why not treat yourself easily at home? A quality electric foot massager, leg massager or other massage machine can deliver what you need. What’s the best foot massager and what do you need to know when choosing one? Read on.

What is a foot massager & how does it work?

Foot massagers are devices which can help you relax and take the stress off your feet after long days of standing and walking. Food and leg massagers can also help to relieve the symptoms of poor circulation and swelling. They’re electrically connected, thus automating the work that might be done by a massage therapist or reflexologist.

What are the benefits of foot reflexology massages?

If you’ve ever had a really good foot rub you know it can relax your whole body! But foot massage has many benefits.

For starters it can improve circulation; especially good for those who spend all day in high heels or steel-toed work boots. We often forget to take care of our foundation, and just enhancing circulation to our feet can have a big impact. Massage can also help alleviate swelling and keep your feet from developing chromic problems.

Pressure points & relief from stress

A quality foot massager can specifically target certain reflex or pressure points in the feet, helping to release the muscles of the foot and lessen tension. Targeting those specific reflexology points can ease the symptoms of ailments and problems elsewhere in the body.

The theory behind reflexology is that these areas on the feet and hands are connected energetically to organs and body parts through energy channels in your body. Using massage or pressure on these reflex areas is said to remove energy blockages and promote health in the connected area.

What types of massage can I get from a foot massager?

Each foot massager can be different. Some use heat, while others use vibration. More advanced models will massage just the feet with small massage heads, while other options allow you to insert your calves into the machine too, thus extending the treatment. Expect to see terms like Shiatsu (a form of therapeutic bodywork with origins in Japan. It uses kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching), vibration, and Acupressure (similar to Shiatsu, it applies the same ideas as acupuncture without any needles).

Depending on if you’re ticklish or have sensitive feet, you might find either vibration or the deep kneading of Shiatsu to be more enjoyable.

Which type of foot massager should I get?

While the cost of some foot massagers can be seen as a big investment, we think that if you’re going to get one, go all the way! Opt for one with varying levels and pressure of massage, one that has relaxing and warming heating functions and one that can stimulate your calves as well as the feet.

Cost & Convenience of foot massage machines

Look at it this way; the cost of going to a spa for a pedicure can be pricey; anywhere from $50-100. And then there’s the tip! If you have your own deluxe foot massager at home, it will pay for itself in just a few uses.

Not to mention that after a long day, it’s far more convenient to stay home and relax those tired tootsies, than it is to try to go out. Plus, it’s hard to know in advance when you might want some foot care, and good luck trying to get into your local spa at the last minute. It’s decadent but necessary self-care to have a foot massage in the comfort and serenity of your own home, versus having to leave.

A good foot massager is a great alternative to purchasing a large and costly massage chair, since as we’ve noted here, stimulating the feet can have ripple effects over the rest of the body.

Plus, with some foot massage machines, you can use them on other parts of the body too. Some of the platform massagers that deliver vibrations to the feet can also be placed against your back for a relaxing back or shoulder massage.

Other massage options

Of course, you can also keep a couple of different types of massagers at home and treat yourself to a full body chill session by adding a massage cushion for your back while you pamper your feet with a foot and leg massager. Handheld massage wands can also target other areas like the upper legs and arms too.