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Get the spa experience at home with leg and foot massagers

Enjoy a spa treatment at home with a soothing leg and foot massager that will mark a perfect end to a long day.

What is a foot and leg massager?

Foot and leg massagers are electrical devices designed to help you relax, counteract stress, relieve aches and pains, help relieve poor circulation and even reduce swelling. Place your feet inside or wrap the device around your feet and/or legs then use a remote, control knob or buttons to turn it on.

Some work with vibrations, others with heat or cold (some have all). Some are Shiatsu style, which uses kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching from the Japanese technique. Others use acupressure and many have different intensity levels and modes so you can find the right one for you.

Some foot massagers are water based, offering a soothing bubbling sensation while others have rollers or bubble jets inside. There are leg massagers for circulation and leg massagers for compression.

What is the difference between a foot massager and leg massager?

A massager designed specifically for your feet is called a foot massager or foot spa. Place your bare feet inside and turn it on to sooth your aching tootsies, focusing on the bottom forefront and heels of your foot. As noted, they can use rollers, bubble jets, and water or heat, or a combination.

Leg massager machines extend the therapy to your legs. Some include pieces that wrap around your calves as well as feet while others have portions that extend all the way to your thighs for complete leg relief and some focus just on the calves and/or thighs. They typically use vibration, heat, cold, and techniques like kneading, pressing, tapping, or all the above via selectable modes.

Some massagers target both feet and legs. These are ideal if you want to target every area, or want to pick and choose, massaging your feet one day, your tired calves the next, or the entirety of your lower body another.

What are the benefits of a leg and foot massager?

Foot and leg massagers help relieve aches and pains, increase circulation, reduce swelling, and release tension. They can also be calming, helping you relax and feel good. Some target specific reflex or pressure points, ideal if there's a specific muscle in your legs or feet that you put a lot of strain on or that frequently causes pain.

Foot massagers and leg massagers are ideal for those who do a lot of physical work that keeps you on your feet all day. Foot massagers, especially, are great if you often wear high heels or steel-toed boots. Those plagued with issues like plantar fasciitis will find foot and leg massagers to be a source of relief whenever there's a flare-up.

On the simplest level, foot and leg massagers give you a comforting spa experience at home that is less costly than going to a massage therapist. There's no manual work needed and you can usually control them via a remote, so just sit back and enjoy.