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Warm Up to the Convenience and Efficiency of a French Door Refrigerator

Popsicles, pudding, and pop - oh my. There is a lot to keep cool in the kitchen, and it can be hard to keep a cool head about continually storing, organizing, and maintaining your family's stock of fresh and frozen food. A French door refrigerator takes on some of that labour, providing intuitive storage solutions that not only maximize and optimize the interior space, but help to keep food fresher, longer.

Unlike top mount refrigerators, a French door refrigerator has its freezer resting at the bottom of the appliance. And unlike bottom mount refrigerators, it features double door entry to the eye-level fridge space. Distinguishing itself from side-by-side models, a French door refrigerator lets you open the fridge and freezer separately. The advantage of this design is multifaceted: for one, it keeps fresh food and beverages readily accessible without having to bend over to reach lower shelves. It also minimizes the release of cold air flow when only one door side is open, both helping food maintain its freshness and your family save on energy bills. A bottom-mounted freezer is also situated closer to the compressor, which saves even more on energy consumption, making it an efficient choice for long term savings.

Beyond function, a French door refrigerator also exceeds expectations in terms of style. These sleek appliances look high end and modern, adding an air of luxury to any kitchen. They are often equipped with climate-controlled compartments dedicated to the storage of specific items, like fruit and vegetable crispers, dairy sections, drink and bottle storage, and deli drawers, keeping the interior looking just as neat as the exterior.

Although French door refrigerators are available as large as they come to suit big families and busy households, you can also find counter depth models to suit smaller spaces. These units come with coil-free backs, letting you push them snugly up against the back wall so they sit flush with your cabinets for an ultra-sleek and seamless aesthetic that looks custom-built. Two adults typically require 16-20 cubic feet of food storage, with an extra 1.5-2 cubic feet required per additional family member.

From the inside out, a French door refrigerator offers design, efficiency, and functionality that is unmatched. Shop Best Buy's selection of refrigerators and French door refrigerators from trusted manufacturers like Bosch, Frigidaire, GE, Samsung, LG, and Electrolux.

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