A Quick Look at Garment Bags

If you’re travelling for business or anywhere that formal wear is a requirement, a garment bag is a great choice. Garment bags give you plenty of space to store a suit or dress, and ensure that it arrives at your destination in good condition. Most come with wheels and an extending handle for easy transportation. Best Buy carries a wide selection of garment bags from great brands such as Bugatti, Atlantic Luggage, Modrec, and more.

Learn More about Garment Bags

Choose a garment bag that comes equipped with wheels and a telescopic handle and maneuvering it will be a breeze. Some models will even allow you to keep your clothes on hangers, making them a bit like a portable closet; once you arrive at your destination, you simply unfold your bag and everything is already hung up.

Garment bags come in a variety of materials. Polyester offers durability and tends to be less expensive than a material such as leather. And although it’s typically more expensive, a leather garment bag offers an ultra-stylish look, as well as durability.

Depending on the amount of time you’ll be spending away from home, you’ll want to ensure your chosen garment bag has room all the garments you’ll likely need. Plus, most bags feature additional pockets on the inside and the outside, so you’ve got even more room for other items.