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40 results


Update Your Driving Experience With GPS Navigation

Adding a GPS navigation system is one of the best ways to improve your driving experience. With so many aftermarket car GPS options, it’s a lot more affordable to update than to buy a new vehicle just to get the latest in-dash technology.

Do I Need a GPS System?

Once considered a high-tech luxury, GPS navigation systems are now a virtual must-have for any vehicle. They eliminate fumbling through stacks of outdated paper maps trying to find the best route to a destination, saving time and gas. GPS systems provide instant information, real-time directions and they provide valuable information maps lack, including points of interest like service stations, hospitals, restaurants stores.

The latest generation of these devices put all the information on a big, display that’s mounted at eye level to eliminate distracted driving.

Key Features of a Car GPS

Modern GPS navigation systems have advanced significantly. The key function remains navigation, of course. Most manufacturers offer updatable maps including access to different countries. That way you always have the latest data covering new streets and highways, with coverage that can extend from Canada to road trips into the U.S.

A car GPS goes far beyond going from point A to point B, though. Expect the navigation system to offer options depending on how quickly you want to get to your destination and whether you prefer to avoid busy highways and toll roads. Turn-by-turn directions ensure you are always on track, and driving assists are invaluable on multi-lane highways picking the correct lane for an exit used to be nerve-racking guesswork.

Displays are much bigger, with higher resolution. The current generation of GPS for cars also installs or mounts so information is easily viewed by the driver.

Some of the top features of systems designed for cars have also made their way to handheld GPS systems.

The Best GPS Systems Offer Extras

If you spend any time reading GPS reviews, you’ll quickly discover that the best GPS for car systems offer high tech extras that take these devices to an entirely new level.

Many offer voice input, making it easier than ever for the driver to interact with the GPS navigation system. Smartphone connectivity (either wired or using Bluetooth) makes a GPS system smarter, with some to run mobile apps or systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Some of the best car GPS systems also offer real-time traffic data, so they’re able to display traffic alerts and suggest alternate routes to avoid areas of congestion.

Lane departure warnings are a high-demand safety feature that’s available as an option in many premium cars, but it’s also offered as a feature with advanced GPS units, using a front-mounted camera. Some manufacturers even offer a GPS with backup camera inputs, so that big display can be used to show what’s behind your vehicle that you might not see otherwise.