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Shine on with an enormous selection of the best Guitar Accessories

From tools to help you create your own signature sound to products that will protect your musical instrument and keep it in top condition, guitar accessories are a must for anyone looking to make the most of their favourite stringed instrument. Take a look at the huge variety of accessories available to help you take your playing to brand new heights.

The four most essential guitar accessories

There are so many types of unique guitar accessories that it’s almost impossible to try and list them all. From guitar parts to personalized guitar accessories and everything in between, there are a wealth of accessories available to improve your playing experience with guitars. Here is a look at four of the most essential accessories for any guitarist.

Guitar tuners

Keeping your guitar in tune is the number one priority of any guitarist. If you are not in tune, little else really matters. That’s why a great guitar tuner is probably the essential must-have guitar accessory for any player. Tuners come in a range of styles, including battery-powered tuners that clip to the head stock of your guitar for quick and easy hands-free tuning. These are particularly useful for acoustic guitars.

Another style of tuner is a guitar pedal tuner, which is incorporated into an amplified guitar setup between the guitar and amplifier. Pedal tuners are activated by foot switch, and are indispensable to musicians who tune on-the-fly during live performances.

Guitar stands and cases

Keeping your guitar stored safely during downtime and travel is key to maintaining your instrument. A proper stand will ensure that your guitar is resting without undue stress to the body or at risk to accidents. Stands come in a variety of styles, including vertical floor stands or hanging wall mounts to name a few.

A good guitar case will make your instrument easy to transport and also protect from unwanted damage in transit. Hard shell guitar cases offer the ultimate protection from bumps and drops, but are typically more expensive and heavier to carry. Softer fabric guitar cases offer slightly less protection, but are often more economical and lighter to carry by hand or over your shoulder.

Guitar straps

Having the proper support is key to playing your guitar comfortably and efficiently. A good guitar strap will ensure that your guitar not only sits at the ideal height, but also attaches securely to avoid any unintentional mishaps.

A guitar strap isn’t only an essential for those who play standing up, it can also provide more freedom in posture and movement when sitting as well. The heavier your instrument is, the more a guitar strap can help properly distribute weight and therefore save the player from undue muscle stress and potential health issues over time.

Extra guitar strings and guitar picks

There’s nothing worse than picking up your guitar for an epic jam session only to break a string or find that you just can’t seem to track down your last guitar pick. Strings and picks are two essentials that you simply can never have too many of. Avoid the frustration of searching for a stray pick by keeping extras in places such as your guitar case, or even a special pick holder on your keychain or other convenient location.

It’s also a great idea to keep a few full packs of guitar strings on hand. In a pinch it’s always possible to change out a single string—however for a consistent sound it’s always best to replace the entire set when one string breaks.

Other guitar accessory essentials

There are so many other great accessories for players to get the most out of their guitar. Guitar effect pedals allow players to create entirely new sounds by altering the signal of an electric guitar. Tools like the capo allow for easy adjustments to pitch, while a guitar slide creates a special effect by placing and object against the strings where players typically use their fingers to fret.

There is also a wide selection of parts available for players to replace or upgrade components of their guitar, such as acoustic and electric pickups, tuning keys, volume knobs, and much more.