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Support your instrument in style with a broad range of Guitar Straps

Having the proper support is key to playing your guitar comfortably and efficiently. You’ll want to ensure that a guitar strap not only sits at the ideal height, but also attaches to your musical instrument securely to avoid any unintentional mishaps with your favourite guitar. The diverse selection of guitar straps available at Best Buy can help you to both protect your instrument and enable you to enjoy your guitar in comfort and style.

What is a guitar strap?

A guitar strap is essentially a tool for supporting your instrument, allowing it to rest in a fixed position and alleviating some of the stress in supporting its weight. A strap is essential when playing in a standing position, and although not always necessary, it can also provide beneficial support when sitting as well. The heavier your instrument is, the more a guitar strap can help properly distribute weight and therefore save the player from undue muscle stress and potential health issues over time.

How long should your guitar strap be?

Your guitar strap should allow your guitar to sit at a height where your hands and arms can move freely without any more additional stress to your muscles and tendons than is necessary. This tends to be around the stomach/beltline area for most players. Most guitar straps are adjustable and average between 40-60 inches in length, which is typically a wide enough range for most guitarists to achieve the ideal position. Extremely tall players may have to seek out a longer strap, however.

Of course, not everyone abides by the exact same positioning for their personal preference. Punk rock and alternative guitarists such as Kurt Cobain have pioneered the style of wearing your guitar extremely low, while conversely Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave’s Tom Morello is notably famous for wearing his guitar very high on his chest. There are certainly a wide range of lengths available that will allow players to experiment with many different positions, but it’s important to keep the health risks of doing so in mind.

Types of guitar straps

Most guitar straps work universally with any type of guitar or similar instrument so long as they are the appropriate length, however certain straps may occasionally work better with certain instruments.

Nearly every electric and bass guitar will have two strap buttons on the body, making them compatible with just about any guitar strap. Some acoustic guitars however may lack the second strap button. In these cases it’s necessary to affix the second button hole to the neck of the guitar using leather string or other durable material.

A thicker strap will provide additional comfort and support, and therefore may be especially ideal for heavier guitars and bass guitars. The additional material will often mean a higher cost, however.

Some straps also feature locking mechanisms that provide an extra secure connection to the strap button. These can be ideal for heavier instruments as well—although some guitarists prefer them regardless of weight. Locking mechanisms can provide extra peace of mind when choosing a guitar strap for valuable instruments.

Guitar strap styles

Guitar straps come in a variety of styles including various materials and designs. These can vary from cheaper “budget” straps all the way through to expensive “premium” products that offer increasingly better performance and aesthetics.

Budget straps are typically made of cheaper materials such as nylon or cotton, with leather ends to provide a bit more durability where the strap actually connects to the guitar. The upside to these straps is their economical price, but the downside is that they can become uncomfortable over long periods of time and are more at risk for slipping off.

More expensive straps may be made from materials such as soft leather or memory foam. They are also typically wider to provide more support, and they will often feature more secure loopholes or locking mechanisms. They come at a higher price point, but a truly great guitar strap can make your instrument feel much lighter.

Guitar straps also come in a vast range of colours, designs, and overall aesthetic appeal. You’re sure to be able to find a strap that speaks to your personal style!