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Importance of a Guitar Stand

If you are a guitar player, and/or a guitar collector, you need a guitar stand. Electric guitar, acoustic or bass, they all benefit from a well-designed stand.

Protection is one big reason. Propping your instrument up against a wall is asking for costly damage if it gets knocked over. Using a guitar rack stand ensures it is held securely, while a hanging guitar stand can get it up off the floor altogether.

A protective case is great for travel, but not so good for storage. Having to unpack to play is inconvenient and can be an obstacle to those creative moments. With a multi-guitar stand, a musician can have all their guitars safely secured but also in sight and ready to play. That’s the same reason why musicians use an on-stage guitar stand. This protects their guitar from falls, but in sight and instantly available to pick up and start playing.

A stand is great for organizing multiple guitars. It’s a lot easier to make a choice from a 5 guitar stand than it is to open up five individual cases.

Guitar Stand Features

There are a number of features that you should consider when choosing a guitar stand.

Does it need to be portable (a folding guitar stand), or is it a permanent solution? Do you prefer the look of tubular metal or a wooden guitar stand? How many instruments does it need to hold? There are single stands all the way up to a 3 guitar rack stand and even a seven guitar stand. Does it need to be a heavy duty, or are you looking for more lightweight construction? An option that secures your valuable instrument by the neck is usually the safest, but some musicians prefer an A-frame design. If it’s a stand-style, look for legs that are designed to prevent people from accidentally tripping on them.

Wood guitar stand patterns may cover the basics, but they tend to be simple, lack specialized components, and building them requires considerable work on your part. That’s why stands made by companies that specialize in working with musicians and musical instruments make a better choice.

Types of Guitar Stands, From On-Stage to Wall-Mounted Guitar Stands

The various types of guitar stands reflect their primary purpose and the situations where they’re most commonly used.

A walk-up guitar stand is ready for a performer to pick up the instrument its holds and start playing. Portability like that offered by a briefcase guitar stand is often a big factor here. The best folding guitar stand to take to gigs is compact, universal (for compatibility with virtually any model of guitar), and quickly sets up on stage.

Studios need space for multiple instruments, so a triple guitar stand is not unusual. Are you a guitar collector? A guitar display rack is the best way to view your collection. And in areas where floor space is at a premium such as a living room, bedroom or even a man cave, a wall mounted guitar stand is a popular choice.