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Create an oasis in your space with home decorations

Furniture creates a room, but home decorations pull everything together, providing that warm, cozy, and inviting feeling.

How should you decorate your home?

How to decorate your home comes down to a few important questions about your personal style, what will look well with the furniture in the space, and the overarching trends.

On trend are home decorations that can provide a sense of calm, keeping you at ease and comfortable in the space, whether it's the living room, bathroom, or even outside. The old trend of minimalistic all-white spaces is no longer preferred, replaced by a desire for earthy tones and nature-inspired decorations.

While the furniture and paint or wallpaper can reflect this, you can also add décor and accent pieces to bring together this look, from vases to table sculptures, wall sconces to decorative bowls and baskets, and even faux plants. You may also want to decorate specifically for seasonal events, like the holiday season, with special lights, faux trees, and ornaments.

What are some home decoration ideas?

You can adopt a warm and cozy feel with items like bamboo storage canisters, bohemian vases, and even something simple like a replacement doorknob. Plants always breathe new life into a room, and if you aren't ready to care for something real, consider a faux plant that looks real but does not require any maintenance and still provides that earthy feel.

The vintage look is in as well, which can be adopted through vintage sculptures or even items like a vintage clock or typewriter placed on a home office shelf or side table.

The simple presence of a lit candle can make all the difference in making the home feel more inviting, particularly with a stylish and elegant candle holder. Add another dimension to the experience with a scented candle.

What are some home decoration ideas for the living room?

The living room is likely where you spend a lot of time, and where you entertain guests. Pull together the look with home decoration items like a gorgeous wall painting, plaque, or sconce. Add a centrepiece to the coffee table like an eye-catching statue, iron basket, or vase. Use stylish coasters, which not only add to the look but are also useful to help keep your furniture in pristine condition.

For shelves, a set of canisters arranged beautifully can draw the eye in and serve as handy storage for loose items. A gorgeous floor-standing lamp will not only brighten the room but become a décor piece as well.

Speaking of home decoration lights, they can make all the difference. You might want to consider strip lighting, or smart lighting where you can change the colour and temperature of the lights to match the activity, your mood, or time of day.