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Get hot drinks in a flash with a hot water dispenser

What is a hot water dispenser and how do you use it?

A hot water dispenser is a small appliance that can dispense water at near-boiling temperatures, anywhere from 160 degrees up to 201 degrees Fahrenheit. It works similarly to a kettle: place cold water inside, press a button, and the water will heat up within a thermally-insulated tank.

They come in various sizes, colours like black, white, silver, grey, beige, or even floral designs, and can usually hold small amounts of water, from 3-5L, at a time. They are small and portable, positioned on a countertop or mounted on the wall. Some are top-load and come combined with a filtered cold water and/or ice dispenser as well.

Why would you need a hot water dispenser?

Hot water from a hot water dispenser can come in handy for making quick beverages, like hot chocolate, tea, or instant coffee, for pouring over oatmeal, or for drinking with some honey and lemon when you’re feeling under the weather.

Hot water dispensers conveniently dispense the water so you don’t need to lift and pour from a kettle, which will be appreciated by those with arthritis or other movement-related issues. And it avoids you having to turn on the stove to boil water or use a microwave to heat up water in increments.

What features should you look for in a hot water dispenser?

Safety should be your first concern with a hot water dispenser, especially if you have kids at home. Look for one with a removable power cord, and that has an auto-shut off feature, which is not only good for safety, but also helps save energy. Speaking of which, vacuum insulation technology that can keep the water warm will also help you use less energy. An auto lock and/or child safety lock is useful for parents, too.

Adjustable temperatures are appreciated since you might want much hotter water for your oats than you’d want to drink. Added convenience features include the ability to delay boiling, and LCDs so you can control the heating and see the status. A timer can also come in handy, as can a transparent window that lets you see how much water is left inside so you know when it’s time to refill.

If you want to get cold water and ice as well, consider a top-load hot water dispenser that can provide all three. And if you have very little counter space, an all-mounted hot water dispenser might be the way to go.