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Tea Makers for Brewing the Perfect Pot of Tea

If you're a tea connoisseur, you'll know that steeping the perfect cup of Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or oolong is like a delicate art form. Tea quality, water temperature, and steeping time are all factors that can make or break a pot of your favourite brew. Luckily, modern innovations like the tea maker can ease the meticulous process of steeping an amazing cup of tea.

Why Should I Get a Tea Maker?

If your idea of a good cup of tea involves dunking a tea bag into a mug of boiling water, then you're missing out. Water that's too hot can scald tea leaves and diminish their flavour, while low-cost tea bags from the supermarket may lack the robustness found in loose leaf teas. To experience a really good, eye-opening cup of tea, steep your favourite loose leaf in a tea maker kettle. A tea maker can brew a pot of orange pekoe, chai, or Sencha green to a precise temperature and strength that will make you forget about making tea any other way.

What Features Should I Look For in a Tea Maker?

A tea maker is a special type of kettle that can make pot after pot of perfectly steeped tea -- no guesswork required. Here are some features to consider when shopping for the best tea maker.

Programmable Features

Not all teas are brewed equally. A rooibos may need to steep at a higher temperature than a white tea, whereas a yerba mate may fall somewhere in between. To take the guesswork out of water temperatures and steep times, look for a tea maker kettle that lets you set the tea variety and your preferred strength. With programmable features like these, the tea maker will be the brew master, recommending a specific water temperature and steep time for your perfect pot.

Removable Tea Infuser

Like some teapots, a tea maker uses an infuser to separate tea bags or loose leaf from the water. Most tea maker kettles feature a removable tea infuser, making it easy to fill, take out, and clean when your tea is done steeping. Some advanced tea makers have an infuser basket that automatically descends and ascends, so you don't have to remove the infuser when your perfect pot is brewed. A removable tea infuser also allows the tea maker to double as a standard electric kettle -- so you can save space for another counter top appliance.

Keep Warm Function

Sipping tea can be a slow, relaxed affair. So, the last thing you'd want is to pour a cup that's gone cold. For optimal enjoyment over drawn-out tea-drinking sessions, look for a tea maker with a keep warm function. It can keep your favourite brew toasty until you're ready for your next mug.


If you don't have time to boil water for tea in the morning, then a tea maker kettle with a timer can be a lifesaver. Simply prefill the tea maker the night before, set the timer, and wake up to a fresh pot of English breakfast to start your morning right.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in the kitchen, so consider some important safety features when choosing the best tea maker. Boil-dry protection will automatically turn off a tea maker if the water level is too low, while a concealed heating element can protect against burns. A cord-free tea maker cuts clutter and keeps the kettle portable and safe and easy to pour.

What's the Difference Between a Tea Maker and a Tea Infuser?

A tea maker and tea infuser both serve the same purpose -- they make tea. But, a tea infuser doesn't offer the intricate workings of an electric tea maker. A tea infuser is a simple solution for making a single cup of tea; simply fill it with loose leaf tea, put it in your mug, pour hot water over it, and wait for it to steep. Unless you're precisely measuring water temperature and carefully monitoring steep time, you likely won't get the perfect cup of tea with a simple tea infuser. A tea maker, on the other hand, does most of this hard work for you. It heats up water to the ideal temperature and steeps it for the right amount of time based on tea variety and preferences. Any tea lover who appreciates the delicate process of brewing tea will enjoy the simplicity of using a tea maker kettle.

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