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Bring your Photos and Documents to Life with Brother Printer Ink

Printer manufacturers design their ink cartridges specifically to fit their printers and the print head assemblies that house them, so the type of ink cartridges you’ll need depends on the brand and model of printer you have. If you’ve got a Brother inkjet printer and want to turn what’s on your screen into something you can hold in your hand, you’re going to need some Brother printer ink.

How does Brother Printer Ink Work?

Brother inkjet printer cartridges work by spraying liquid ink onto the page out of a series of nozzles. The ink comes out of the cartridge in tiny droplets or bubbles and leaves dots that are less than the diameter of a human hair, which is why inkjet printers can achieve photo-realistic quality images with resolution as high as 1440x720 dpi (dots per inch). Ink for Brother printers comes in four different colours; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK). Depending on what you print, levels of certain cartridges may run out more quickly than the others. Black ink for Brother printers is the colour most often sold on its own given that word processing typically uses mostly black ink and will deplete those cartridges first.

Benefits of printer ink

Brother printer ink has a number of benefits over other types of printing supplies.

Lower Cost

Compared to toner for laser printers, Brother printer ink (typically for inkjet printers) is far less expensive. That’s generally because ink cartridges are far smaller, simpler, and contain less ink than large expensive toner cartridges.

Printer Ink Won’t Smear as Easily

Believe it or not, despite the fact that printer ink is a liquid and is squirted onto the page through tiny nozzles, it won’t smear as easily as laser printer toner which comes in a powder that’s fused to the page using heat. Brother ink will come with various different additives and specially formulated ingredients which ensures that the ink dries quickly after hitting the paper.

Brother Printer Ink Cartridges are Easy to Install

Typically an inkjet printer will simply open up to reveal the print head, and then in one or two simple steps (like levers you lift or buttons you press) allow you to remove one or more ink cartridges at a time and snap the new ones into place. Most printers come with a reference card that you should keep close to your printer which will remind you which type of ink to buy, how to replace it, and other helpful tips like how to clean and maintain your printer.

How do I know I’m selecting the right cartridge for my printer?

Choosing the right cartridge is critical to make sure it will fit into your printer and that it will function well once it’s installed. Each ink cartridge (or ink cartridge set) for Brother printers is going to come with a string of letters and numbers to indicate the specific type of cartridge it is.

There are a few different places you can look to confirm which kind of ink cartridges you should buy to refill your Brother printer: The instruction manual that came with your printer, the box the printer or the last cartridges came in, the reference card that came with your printer, the old cartridges that are still inside your printer, or the Brother website once you’ve located the model number of your printer.

How you save money by purchasing brother ink cartridges?

As noted above, Brother printer ink is already going to be less expensive than toner, but there are a few things to remember if you’d like to save money when considering which specific ink cartridge to buy from those that work with your printer. Firstly, consider that Brother brand ink is manufactured by the same company that built your printer, so it’s designed for it and won’t void your warranty. If you use third party ink cartridges, they may not function as well as those designed by Brother, and may also void your warranty. Be sure to check your printer’s documentation to see what it recommends.