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Epson Ink is the Lifeblood of your Printer

Printer ink is specific to the brand and model of printer you have, so it’s important to get the right type of cartridge. If you have an Epson inkjet printer, then you’ve come to the right place.

How does Epson Printer Ink Work?

Epson printers and their ink cartridges use a different technology than many others to adhere ink to the page. Other manufacturers use the ‘thermal bubble’ method, while Epson printers use a patented technology called piezoelectric. This process uses piezo crystals which vibrate when electric current runs through them to force a tiny amount of ink out of the nozzle of the printer head. As the ink is vibrated out of the nozzle, it pulls another drop of ink into place, ready to be sprayed.

Benefits of printer ink

Epson printer ink has a number of benefits over other types of printing supplies like toner.

Lower Cost

Epson printer ink for inkjet printers typically costs far less than toner for laser printers since ink cartridges are less complicated. They are also much smaller since they are made up of fewer parts and contain less printing material. This means you may have to replace them more often depending on the type of printing you’re doing, but in general the cost savings still adds up.

Printer Ink Won’t Smear as Easily

Believe it or not, despite the fact that printer ink is a liquid and is squirted onto the page through tiny nozzles, it won’t smear as easily as laser printer toner which comes in a powder that’s fused to the page using heat.

Epson Printer Ink Cartridges are Easy to Install

Your Epson printer ink cartridges are easy to remove and replace in one or two simple steps. Often it’s as simple as opening up a panel and lifting a lever or pressing a button. This will allow you to remove one or more ink cartridges at a time and snap the new ones into place. Most printers come with a reference card that you should keep close to your printer which will remind you which type of ink to buy, how to replace it, and other helpful tips like how to clean and maintain your printer.

Different Types of Epson Printer Ink

There are two main kinds of Epson printer ink; dye and pigment. The difference lies in the formulae and ingredients they use to create these inks, and they each have different properties that will influence which one you choose. Usually it’s completely fine to swap out the type of ink provided it’s still designed for an Epson printer.

Dye Ink

Ink that uses dye to provide the colour (like Claria) is typically easier to work with (especially if you refill your cartridges yourself), doesn’t clog as easily, and is less expensive. Many Epson printers use dye ink as standard.

Pigment Ink

Epson pigment inks (e.g. Durabrite, Durabrite Ultra, Ultrachrome, Ultrachrome gloss, Ultrachrome K3 etc) are often used by people who print high-quality photographs because the ink will last a long time without fading despite being exposed to sunlight and the ink is more resistant to water.

How do I know I’m selecting the right cartridge for my printer?

Printer ink only works with the printer it was designed for. This is because the ink formula, the power required, and the instructions sent from the computer, through the printer driver to the printer and on to the cartridge are very specific. Each ink cartridge (or set of ink cartridges) for Epson printers comes with a string of letters and numbers that must be matched to the model of your printer.

To find out which ink your printer needs there are a few different places you can look: The instruction manual that came with your printer, the box the printer or the last cartridges came in, the reference card that came with your printer, the old cartridges that are still inside your printer, or the Epson Canada website where you can enter the model number of your printer for more information.

How you save money by purchasing Epson ink cartridges?

We’ve talked about how Epson printer ink is less expensive than toner, but there are also other ways you can save money when printing and replacing your cartridges. To start, you can opt to print in draft mode; a setting you can select in the printer settings before your press the print button. This will use less ink per dot and result in a lighter version of the image or text you’re printing, but it will help extend the life of your ink cartridges. If you use this setting as you complete drafts of your work or photos, you can switch the settings back to normal printing when you’re ready for the final product.

Another way to save money with your Epson ink is to select a font that has smaller or less complicated letters. You can also simply reduce the font size in your documents when you print which will also reduce the amount of ink used each time you print.