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Ensure your Lexmark printer operates flawlessly with Lexmark ink

What is Lexmark ink?

Lexmark ink refills can be used with Lexmark printers to provide consistent, reliable printing and professional-quality results.

Genuine Lexmark cartridges perform best with the company’s printers, manufactured to meet rigorous standards that ensure superior image quality and long life. They use advanced ink formulas that deliver vibrant colours, deep blacks, and smooth grays on all types of media. You can capture fine details and product crisp documents at home or the office, and the ink is fade- and smear-resistant.

Lexmark’s patented print system components work best together for long-term reliability and are warrantied to be free from defects in materials or workmanship.

Ink cartridges used in Lexmark inkjet printers contain a liquid substance tinted with different pigments and dyes to create black, magenta, cyan, and yellow that then transfer onto a page to dry. You’ll know you’re running low if prints start to come out faded or striped, or you receive a warning message on the machine.

How does Lexmark printer ink work and how do I buy the right one?

Lexmark ink cartridges are labeled to indicate which printers they are compatible with; online descriptions will indicate this as well. Match your printer model number up to one that is listed for the cartridge or check the number on the cartridge that’s already in the printer to confirm which one you need.

Installation is standard with any Lexmark printer: lift the access door, and press the cartridge holder latch to open it, and pull up the empty ink cartridge to remove it, or multiple cartridges if you need to change multiple colours. Typically, the black cartridge is on the left and the colours on the right. Peel off the tape and sticker from the new cartridge, insert it in the vacant spot, and press down to lock it into place. Close the lid, shut the cover, and then print an alignment page either by pressing the buttons on the machine itself or using the Lexmark Utility Tool on your computer, which will automatically recognize that a new cartridge has been inserted and prompt you to do so.

What types of Lexmark ink are available?

In addition to genuine Lexmark ink, you can also get ink cartridges that are compatible with Lexmark printers from a number of other brands.

The square cartridges, which look like cassette tapes or cubes, depending on the printer, come individually per colour, in tri-colour sets that include the three colours, sets with all three colours plus black, and in multi-packs so you can keep extras on hand to swap out immediately when you’re running low. Different cartridges have different yields, printing a couple hundred or more pages.

You can save money by buying ink in multi-packs, choosing off-brand inks, or opting for remanufactured ink cartridges that have been disassembled, fully inspected with worn components replaced, cleaned, replaced with a fresh supply of ink, and tested before re-sale.