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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Kid's Luggage

Packing for a weekend getaway or weeks-long holiday comes close to the excitement of booking the trip itself. When you have a family in tow, your child will likely want to take part in the happy commotion. What better way to keep them occupied and feeling involved than getting them their very own kid's luggage. It's a practical solution for fitting your child's stuffed animals, extra jackets, and other packing essentials without overloading your own suitcase. Finding the right one for your preschooler, grade schooler, or tween can be a fun challenge. Get familiar with the common types of luggage for kids, and the features they offer before making a decision.

Why buy kid's luggage?

Sure, your child may need supervision when trying things on their own for the first time, but it's hard to deny their natural curiosity. Remember playing house or dress-up as a kid, or emulating your teachers or parents just because "it's what the adults do"? Having their own luggage makes children feel like grown-ups. With their own bags to pack and take care of during travel, they can try their hand at being independent. If they're involved in prepping for the trip, they're also more likely to have fun.

What features should I look for in my child's luggage?

Shopping for kid's luggage is akin to shopping for your own. Keep in mind where you're going and for how long before deciding on size, style, and durability. A note on style: cute, age-appropriate designs are subject to your child's ever-changing tastes. If you're only vacationing once or twice a year, opt for a bag your kid could grow into.


Whether a suitcase or rolling backpack, look for a size that's light enough for your child to roll along on their own or carry on their back, yet roomy enough for their personal stuff. A carry-on size can grow with your child because it fits more packed items as well as the overhead compartment. If your child needs easy access to toys and other belongings in flight, look for a bag that can fit underneath the seat.


Best Buy offers a variety of prints and colours from brands like Disney, iFly, and National Geographic. Treat your intrepid child to lovable Disney cartoon characters and funky animal prints. Bright colours make for easy spotting since they stand out from the sea of dark and neutral suitcases on the baggage carousel.


Like any luggage, your child has a choice between a hard or soft-sided case, both of which come in multiple sizes. Hard-sided bags tend to be water resistant and easy to clean. They're also designed to withstand pressure, like your child resting on the luggage. Soft-sided cases are more lightweight, and can expand to make room for bulky items. Wheels and an extendable handle allow for easy transport, and take the weight off young shoulders. If you want wheels with the option of carrying on the back, wheeled backpacks or rolling suitcases offer the best of both worlds.

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